Yesterday we got a taste of life after the move. There was a period of time for each of us when we actually laid down on the couch and read for a while. During Lyle’s nap, Baxter and I stretched out, feet to feet, sharing a blanket, each reading our own mystery novel. We got up for a few rousing rounds of Chutes and Ladders and some popcorn, and then resumed reading. It was blissful, even when Baxter interrupted my every paragraph to tell a new joke from the monster joke book he got at the library. Today, Matt got the last load of boxes from our old house, which is reason enough to celebrate even without the spring weather.

It was 75 and sunny here today. We took advantage of the beach and just generally enjoyed being out and about. Although I know how fickle a midwestern spring can be, and that we may well get another snowstorm between now and “real”, lasting warmth, I’m going to enjoy these gorgeous days.


2 responses to “Spring

  1. Christopher Tassava

    That sounds like the kind of Sunday you should be able to bottle and decant whenever you want… Wonderful!

  2. I know! It was 82 here yesterday!

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