Afternoon at Lake Michigan

Sun, warmth, beach

Blue lake, little boys, white sand

Pail, shovel, watering can, shovel again, where’s that football?

Three boys whirling, twirling, I’m a helicopter! ing

Exploring the sandbar island like diminutive pirates in search of crab leg treasure

Unknown small ones wander in, are welcome

Is the big one so tall already in those swim trunks?

And yet more sand

Crunching on the towels, the crevices of my ears, in my drink

The front porch, the long hallway, the bathtub

In their hair, between their toes, gritty on their little legs

Pink noses, rosy cheeks, smelling of sunscreen

Running back before dinner to catch just a few more minutes

Sleeping fast, sleeping sound, the sleep of a beach day


One response to “Afternoon at Lake Michigan

  1. How beautiful!

    And speaking of sand, I moved my backpack to get my coffe mug out of it this morning, and sand came pouring out from…somewhere! I smiled happily and brushed it off onto the floor of the hospital cafeteria and continued on my (truly!) merry way.

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