California, Here I Come

Well, I’m off to California. You wouldn’t believe how many people think of a trip to California as a fun vacation, even after you’ve told them that you’re going because your father is having surgery on Wednesday and you’ll be helping your mother. I just don’t see how a week spent at Stanford Hospital is a vacation, but I guess I can have the car windows down on my way from the house to the hospital so – presto! – insta-vacation! Two people waved to me on their way out of the clinic today saying, “Have a great time! Have fun!”

But, ahem, here in the REAL WORLD, I leave tomorrow. My Dad’s pre-op appointments are tomorrow and then we take him to the hospital at the crack of dawn on Wednesday. He will, we hope, be released to go home right around the time I come home next Tuesday. I will be updating his blog as often as I can, so if you don’t hear from me here, look for me over there. (And if you know Matt, please give him a call or drop him a line and give him props for all that he’ll be doing on his own with the kids for the upcoming 8 days!)

Thanks for all your well-wishes, prayers, and good thoughts. It all helps.

2 responses to “California, Here I Come

  1. Mrs. Chicken

    Jordan, I will be keeping you and your mom and dad in my heart. I know what this feeling is. I know how absolutely hard this is.

    Peace, friend. I’m pulling for you dad.

  2. Hi Jordan. Just a note to let you know we’re thinking of you and your family, and hoping for the best.

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