They’ve Got Me Surrounded!

We’re at lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Because what else are you going to do when you go to Old Orchard mall to get the kids haircuts and discover that the kids’ salon has just closed? I am really not a big fan of this mall.

So, anyway, we’re with our little mop heads. Lyle is finished and very irritated that the rest of us are still eating. He’s standing next to me, playing with the buttons on my cargo pants.


Matt (with perfect timing): “Get in line, buddy.”

Sometimes I am acutely aware of being surrounded by GUYS.


3 responses to “They’ve Got Me Surrounded!

  1. I knew I needed a good laugh to set my day right…Thanks!

  2. One word: Flowbee!

  3. Julie, don’t think your Flowbee didn’t come up! 😉

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