Last Day of School

Sometimes, being in this new city still feels like being in another country.

I knew that today was the last full day of school but had been thinking of Friday as the “last day”. I had originally believed it to be a full day but recently saw “half day” on some district document. Now, this makes total sense, for a last day to be a half day, and it seems typical to me. The weird thing is, they have Wednesday and Thursday completely off first — huh?? Teachers here get a paid day to work on report cards (every quarter! crazy!) so that accounts for one day, and I’m not quite sure what the other one is for. So that’s strange.

But today it got even stranger, because I found out at the 1st grade picnic that Friday is only an HOUR of school. An HOUR?! What the –?? So, think about our carpool…I drop Baxter and the other boy off at 9 AM on my way to work, and then his mom has to go down at 10 AM and pick them up! How lame is that?? Anyway, once I heard that, I understood why other parents were referring to today as the last day of school.

So, um, happy last day of first grade, Baxter!

Or something.


One response to “Last Day of School

  1. How bizarre! Do parents, like, just STAY during that hour, any of them? Because I would think it would be kind of hard for some folks to get back so quickly!

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