Pajama Walk

Inspired today by this post which I could really relate to (as in, “Oh my God, why are they fighting now??” and “Why isn’t today a camp day again?!”), I remembered the importance of relaxing and letting the good times roll this summer (my favorite line from the above post: “…I get so worn out by the daily grind that I forget that when you’re almost five, the best part of summer is playing board games in your underwear”).

So tonight, when it was still only 7 PM and the boys were arguing again and Matt was somehow still away on his business trip, the cool summer night beckoned.

First, I took them out in their jammies. Yep, we threw on some sandals and went down the block to the lake. Just because. I didn’t want them to actually go into the lake in their pj’s at that hour – it was chilly, after all – so they pretended to swim along the sidewalk. I kid you not. I’d have one of America’s Funniest Home Videos if I’d had the foresight to grab the video camera. Foiled again.

Then I suggested popsicles on the front porch. Yeah, so what if it was already past their bedtime and they’d both need a new clean pair of jammies for bed? It’s summer!

Baxter looked at me like I had three heads. “But — we already had dessert!” I countered with, “Well, so, is Double Dessert Night such a bad idea?” He quickly agreed that, indeed, it was not, and suggested in an awed tone that this night was sort of like having Oma and Pops babysit.

I noted that, sometimes, parents like to break all the rules, too. He was happily surprised.

I think we both were.


One response to “Pajama Walk

  1. This makes me so happy. Next to pantless board game playing, there is NOTHING better than being outside in pajamas. At night, even!

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