Labels of Love

I’m a sucker for all things office. Just ask my family of origin. Growing up, I loved my Trapper Keeper like nobody’s business. (Oooh, all those dividers!) I’d buy pens, paper clips, and pink gum erasers at Bradlees, just because.

And my true confession, that some of my friends won’t believe I’m telling you? In fifth grade I asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas.

I did! And I got it. [Thanks, Santa.]

It’s the filing cabinet I still use today.

(Gee, I should’ve thought of this when I wrote my 8 random facts yesterday.)

But, I especially love labels. Not to the extreme that my mother loves labels – no, I haven’t gone that far, labeling my guests’ towel racks for them. But I do own a label-maker and I sure do love to label me some file folders!

So, my fair readers, you decide: am I a sell-out, or simply geeked-out about labels?

You see, I agreed to try out some personalized Mabel’s Labels for free. Free, did you hear me? Free! Labels! And I don’t have to tell you about them; I mean, I didn’t promise or sign my name in blood or anything. But I said I would if I liked them. You know, I offered. Because I’m nice. You hear that, Matt?

And, well, anyway, the point is that I know my labels. And me likey the Mabel’s Labels. I immediately slapped some on my forehead the kids’ water bottles, sippy cups, and the Tupperware containers that were heading for camp. Not only are they very cute with nice little sailboat and firetruck images on them that were immediately popular with the little ‘uns, but they are really high quality. They have been through a lot of dishwasher cycles already and haven’t faded or started to peel.

So there you have it. Perhaps, as some would have you believe, I am a big ole sell-out. But, hell, that’s okay – Mama has some new labels.


2 responses to “Labels of Love

  1. A file cabinet for Christmas?!? I love it! I can completely picture your joy! You know, I have this GREAT coffee mug at my apartment, and I was *going* to keep it, but then I saw it had a label with YOUR name on it! πŸ™‚ So I guess I will give it back!


  2. Ha! Cara, what’s amazing about *that* particular label, is that it’s been on that particular thermal coffee cup for at least 5-6 years, and I use it every day I go to work!

    See? Aren’t labels COOL??? πŸ˜‰

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