BlogHer: Party Night Review

Wow. I am home from my big blogger parties, and boy am I a litle drunk! (I’ve just decided to leave all inebriation typos in for your entertainment tonight.)

Okay, so first, I was running late so I ended up taking a taxi downtown to Viand restauarant where I got to meet quite a few of my fellow Chiccago and Silicon Valleu Moms. I really, truly enjoyed meeting them, and had some very nice conversations with so many cool womena. (“Womena”! That’s what we call blogging woemen, of course. ) Oh, dear, this post is just getting worse and worse!!

But it’s cracking me up, so I’ll continue.

Because, as you know, making myself laugh is really what this blog is all about.

So, yes, I met some groovy “womena” from Chicago and Silicon Valley, and ended up having hte “Why did you move from San Franfcisco to Chicago?” and “How did the trnasition go?” conversations a great many times, but evenetually learned to finesse the answer so that the Silicon Valley Moms didn’mt inch away from me due to total insult.

I discovered that I live under a rock because I didnm’t realize that I was supposed to bring some kind of hip-looking business card or sticker with my URL on it to hand out, in order to bring in more readers. I was just about the only loser who failed to do so. However, judging from the current post alone, why WOULD anyoner ead this blog?! (And I’m guessing that last sentence alone just lost me my last few readers.)

I would sum upt the dinner by noting that I should’ve visited the food table more than once. They just kept bringing drinks to us (thanks, Uncle Yahoo!) but we had to actually GO to the food table. And the plate was small. So small. The wine glass was a lot bigger. I’m sure of it.

All of a sudden, I realized it was almost 8:30 and I was supposed to meet my friend Becky at the W Hotel at 8:30 for Party #2! Clutching my ludicrously huge swag bag, I ran out, caught a cab, and stumbled into the W on Lake Shore Drive, where I was met by very flashy decor and loud ass mucis. (That’s music, not mucous.) I tried to deal with the nanny calling in sick while I was in the lobby, butg ended up turning it over to Matt, who was admirably holding down the fort back home.

Now, Becky and I – being super-cool bloging woemen – had an instant messaging conversation earlier today in which she mentioned maybe going shopping for something to ewear to this party tonight. I recommended the great sale at Ann Talylor Loft, and off she went. Much to our amusement (and Becky’s horror, although I wasn’t upset at all), our outfits TOTALLY coordinated. We looked like corny sisters at a blogging event, being of very simialr stature and all. Someone even asked us, “Do you two blog tgogether?” Except they actually said “together”, not “tgogether”. So that was sepcial. Or, perhaps, special.

But the reason I’m telling yout his is because BECKY got at least THREE compliments on her ensemble – and me? NONE!!! She even got a major compliment from Susan Wagner from Friday Style!! If I remember correctly, this actually prompted me to slap my good friend and holler, “YOU TOTALLY SUCK!!!!” while doubled over laughing, so no one knew what the hell I had seaid. I’m sure they were all quite uncomfoftable, though. Apparently, I totally picked the wrong outfit from this coordinated pair. Sigh.

It was loud and dark at this hipster party, but we managed to have some conversations with woeman we’d never heard of. I collected a great many more blogger cards and will be very curious to read the blogs of the people I met. People are =here from all over – we talkeed to women from St. Lous, Seattle, NY, Atlanta, and Oklahoma. I was very happy to get to meet and chat with both Jess from Oh, the Joys and Susan from Friday Playdate and Friday Style. Each of them was just as I’d imagiend them: charming and lovely. But it was somewhat surreal – at one point I somewhat-drunkenly suggested to Becky that it was like seeing their photos come to life. Well, I guess that’s what it would be like to meet someone you’ve only seen in pictures, now wouldn’t it? Duh. (That would’bve been a good time for her to smack me and tell ME that I totally suck, actually.)

On the way out, I saw a few of my old Chicago and SV Moms friends, heading to the elevator to go up. I oh-so-helfpully tole them that the party was on the 33rd floor. As if they didn’t know where they were going. Nice. I’ll bet they were super grateful.

Anyway, now I’m home trying to drink a lot of water before bed. It’s a work night, after all. And I can’t get this damn necklace off. Can anyone help me get this necklase off?


16 responses to “BlogHer: Party Night Review

  1. Charlotte Gordon

    As we have tole our friens many, man ytimes befroe, we are so proud of our wodnerful daughter-in-law. (And hey, getting a necklase off is not as easy as it semes…)
    The Loving Parent In-Laws

  2. papas got a brand new blog

    Womena, forgetting blogger business cards, and ‘great’ sales at Anne Taylor loft?

    C’mon now! I love eading this blog!

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t post photos of you and Becky so the Internet could judge for itself whose outfit was cuter.

  4. Ah…but the internet DID judge for itself last night…oh, yes, it did! πŸ˜‰

    (And also, every time someone took at photo at the party we were all blinded.)

  5. Hilarious! Just what I needed thyis mothing on ym busy clinic dat. See, sober people dmake lots of typos, too! Especially those of us who leanred to type in college at 3 am writing papers and never really graduated to more than “hunt-n-peck”. πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you had a great time! Yay!

  6. I’ve been soaring high ever since Susan’s compliment! Whooo Hoooo!

    But I do owe it all to Jordan.

    And Jordan, now that I know that your phone number IS in my cell phone, I will be calling you from dressing rooms around the country to determine if you already own my contemplated purchases! Ugh, my delight in Susan’s comment is still, this morning, followed by a little bit of a cringe at having shown up as your twin. I’m really not as creepy as all that….

  7. Becky, you looked awesome!! And how would you EVER have known?! We just share really good taste! (But yours is just a smidge better!! Ha!) πŸ˜‰

  8. I’m feeling a bit like the girl whose invitation was lost in the mail this morning. Sounds like a fantastic time. And right there in your new hometown, Jordan!! I would give anything to see a photo of the “twins”. Come on, don’t ya have just one little picture to post???

  9. I’m really sorry to say not a single photo was taken of us. But, just to appease you all, I even went onto the store’s website to see if I could find either outfit – neither showed up. Maybe we’ll recreate it again sometime for you all…

    Or not!

  10. Amy aka Kvetch

    Bst posT i evEr red. But I wonder if now you even remememeber chattng with lil ol’ mE.

    No matter, it was nice meeting you in person!

  11. I am laughing my ass off and totally sending this to Susan Wagner, because I know her and she will HEART you for this post.

  12. Adventures In Babywearing

    Hey- I was at Viand and I was the other person there that didn’t have business cards to hand out- didn’t even think of it! And I also didn’t even think to study the “about us” section of Chicago Moms (like some people actually did!!) to know who everyone was… anyway! Good times.


  13. Selfmademom

    Wow- that was funny. I’m bummed I didn’t meet you (or at least I don’t THINK I met you.) Hopefully soon!

  14. My flight was late, so I missed the party. Drunkblogging rules! You are too funny.

  15. Jordan, an instant classic. Im rely sas Imssed it.

  16. Man, I gotta come to these parties. Pronto.

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