BlogHer Drop-Out

Um, folks?


I have a confession to make.

I never actually made it to BlogHer.

Well, wait, that’s not technically true; I seemed to show up at most of the parties associated with BlogHer, it’s just the actual sessions I appear to have missed.

To be fair, I wasn’t planning to go on Friday anyway because I was working. But I fully intended to go on Saturday. I swear, I did! But there was the little problem of Matt being sick…and then both boys going straight into Full Meltdown Mode when I mentioned that I’d be gone for most of the day (remember the part about them being exhausted and cranky on Saturday?). I was out a lot more than usual last week and they were feeling it.

So I looked around at my sick, tired, and cranky guys, acknowledged the fact that I too was feeling very tired, and finally said, “Well, guys, how about if I stay home today?” Needless to say, they were happy. Very happy. Even through their tears, I could tell. (The boys, that is. Matt gets full credit for encouraging me to go even though I’m sure he felt like a truck was repeatedly running over his head.)

I wouldn’t have skipped out on a professional conference related to my work, but this nagging voice in the back of my head kept asking, “You’ll leave them in this condition? For a blogging conference?? One you didn’t even pay anything for?? Really???

Happily, after all of my guys took long afternoon naps, they were cheerful and refreshed. When I suggested I would go meet some people downtown for dinner, there were no wails. No tears. So, yes, in the end, I just showed up for the party. Again. Only this time I borrowed a very cute necklace from Becky. Because we all know by now that her taste is just a wee bit better than mine.

I got to hang out with Susan Etlinger of The Family Room fame which was a lot of fun – a rather fuzzy photo of us is posted above – and we went to a great Japanese restaurant with a group of Chicago Mom and Silicon Valley Mom bloggers. It was another enjoyable event with smart and funny “womena”.

But, um, no, I can’t tell you anything about the actual conference. For that, you’ll have to look here and here. And there’s lots more here.


3 responses to “BlogHer Drop-Out

  1. It was so nice to meet you!!

  2. The panels were the least fun part, trust me. And you were just lovely and it was SO NICE to meet you.

    Those parties, though, were the BOMB.

  3. that necklace…fabulous on you! borrow it anytime! I’ll throw it down from the porch…

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