A New Look

Hey, what do you think about The Wonderwheel’s rockin’ new look? I had a sudden need to jazz it up a bit – give the blog a look that reflected the spirit of my writing a bit more – so I went to my number one source for creativity: Beegee Tolpa, a wonderful illustrator out in Seattle! Beegee is also the brains and artistry behind my business website (and business cards, letterhead, etc.) – she created the logo, layout, and helped us discover our brand last year. (How corporate for a couple of therapists!) Visit her web site to see her work – it’s amazing!

All I can say (once again) is THANK YOU, BEEGEE!

[In light of recent conversations, I will add the following disclaimer: Ms. Tolpa did not ask that I review her work on The Wonderwheel. I am paying her in real American dollars for her work. No marketing bribery applies to this situation. Amen.]

6 responses to “A New Look

  1. Mrs. Chicken

    Love it! Very snazzy.

  2. Christopher Tassava

    Great redesign! I like the graphic, too – an excellent warning against drinking on the Ferris wheel.

  3. Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass)

    Love! It was fabulous meeting you. Can’t wait to read more from you.

  4. Too cool. Snazzy writing, snazzy new look…Jordan, you are raising the bar!!

  5. Totally cute. I’ve been tempted for a long time to pay someone to design my banner. But since I am broke and am not making money off my blog, it’s hard to justify. But…very cute. Very tempting.

  6. You’re looking WICKED good!

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