Still Crazy After All These Years

Our courtship was somewhat, shall we say, goofy

(Dennys, 1993)

But we got a little classier with age.

(Hawaii, 2000; 6 mos. pg with Baxter)

First we added this knucklehead:

(November 2000)

And then this one:

(August 2004)

(September 2004)

And now it’s safe to say that our life is a four-ring circus.
Which is probably why we still have lots of this:

(Spring 2005)

and this:

(Spring 2006)

So, as we kick off our 12th year of marriage
I want to stop the madness for a moment to say I love you, and thanks for all the laughs –
and may we pose for the camera with silverware on our faces at our 50th anniversary!

Happy 11th Anniversary, Matt!


5 responses to “Still Crazy After All These Years

  1. Love it. Great photos. And happy anniversary!

  2. Christopher Tassava

    Happy anniversary, you crazies!

  3. Happy anniversary.And it is time for a baby girl!! 😉

  4. Yes, it is, Beata! At YOUR house! You pregnant?!

  5. Thanks, honey. Every year gets better and better. My anniversary thoughts for you are here.

    And thanks for bringing me along on the Wonderwheel.

    I love you.

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