Rockin’ Blogger: I’m Gonna Own It!

I want to thank Mrs. Chicken for including me in her Rockin’ Blogger shout-out today!

I mean, this from one of the rockin’ est bloggers out there? I’m pleased as a schoolgirl bringing home a good report card.

Only problem is, she just gave me a whole lot of new blogs to go read when my time is about to dwindle significantly.



2 responses to “Rockin’ Blogger: I’m Gonna Own It!

  1. Your life sounds like mine (but colder).

  2. I’m THRILLED that she did! Somehow, I hadn’t found you yet — and I think you’re pretty great!

    Adding you to my reader NOW.

    Any more luck with the 2 year old sleeping? I have one of my own, who mysteriously ends up in our bed sometime between 2 and 4 every night. But if he’s quiet about it, I don’t even mind.

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