Not All that Well, Apparently…

Today, I raced over to Trader Joe’s while Lyle was in school – a rare opportunity to go without the kids. I got back home, unloaded the perishables and some of the dry goods, and then realized that if I wanted to check in online I’d better get to it before Lyle would need to be picked up.

You see, I’d been without my trusty laptop for 16 whole hours (imagine!) because I left it behind at Burley’s Curriculum Night last night (I’d been without the car all day and so took 3 trains, a bus, and a taxi yesterday to get everywhere I needed to go, lugging my laptop – and three other bags – everywhere I went) after I’d worked at the PTA table for fifteen minutes and then had run up to hear Baxter’s teacher speak. The president of the PTA (thank goodness) found it and brought it home with her, and I drove out to meet her where she was playing tennis with a friend to get it before I could even go to Trader Joe’s this morning – so I had some email to read and – dear God! – at least, like, 3 important posts to read on Google Reader before any more time passed!

Suddenly I looked up and realized that it was time to get Lyle immediately. I dashed through the kitchen on my way to the car and out of the corner of my eye noticed something rather horrifying. Check out how I’d left my kitchen (annotated version here):

I groaned out loud and then had to giggle as I asked myself (in my best Dr. Phil voice), “So, that whole ‘Down with Multitasking‘ thing…how’s that working for you?”


4 responses to “Not All that Well, Apparently…

  1. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    This is fairly normal for me until about 5 minutes before my husband comes home and I madly run around trying to make the house look like I didn’t spend all say on the computer!

  2. Looks like my kitchen, living room, dining room (well you get the point) most anytime I have put something where I wouldn’t forget it!! Usually a daily thing.

  3. ROFL…especially at Lori’s comment. That is SO me some days! And I wonder why Nik leaves his toys all over the family room??

  4. Lori and niksmom, I just have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Matt, I can’t relate to what they’re saying at all. Never do that. Oh, no, I am always getting things done around the house rather than spending those precious minutes on the computer. I mean, doesn’t the house look GREAT when you come home? (Yeah. On the days when the *babysitter* was there…)

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