The Abstract Random Apple Has Fallen From the Tree

Back in college, because I thought I’d be a kindergarten teacher when I grew up, I took an education class that (I believe) was called “Theories of Teaching and Learning”. One day we took part in an exercise that, thanks to the Google, I now remember was called the “Gregorc model”. On this web site, I found the following description of the Gregorc model:

The Gregorc model is a cognitive model designed to reveal two types of abilities, perception and ordering. Perceptual abilities, the means through which information is grasped, translate into two qualities: abstractness and concreteness. Ordering abilities are the ways the learner organizes information, either sequentially (linearly) or randomly (non-linearly). Gregorc couples these qualities to form four learning categories: concrete/sequential (CS), abstract/sequential (AS), abstract/random (AR), and concrete/random (CR). Although everyone has all four qualities, most people are predisposed toward one or two of them.

Although we found it humorous, my friends were not particularly surprised when I came out of that test with the label “Abstract Random” – let’s face it: it fit. Matt and I have laughed about it for years when I say or do something that’s maybe, let’s say, not so linear.

We’ve known for quite some time that Lyle was following in my footsteps. The more we see his art and the language he uses, the more obvious this becomes. Last summer Matt’s mother described Lyle’s art as being Salvador Dali-like when he created a sticker picture with all the people flying and trucks on the rooftops. As a big fan of Marc Chagall, I love it.

Tonight I wrote down a joke he made up at the dinner table and Matt voiced the words that were in my head: “Now that’s Abstract Random!”

Q: “Why did the cheeseburger cross the road without Frank the Bull* chasing him?”A: “To get to the beer napkin!”

* CARS movie reference


9 responses to “The Abstract Random Apple Has Fallen From the Tree

  1. Let’s take the test! I want to know what I am…

    Oh, and, by the way, a beer napkin?!?!

    What are you people doing over there?

  2. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Huh?!? I am sure I am the complete opposite, a CS. I am so boring…

  3. Kristen, I have no idea what a beer napkin is – he made that up!! Matt said it costs $75 to take the test but the additional description on the link I put in my post may tell you enough to figure out which one you are.

    Matt says he’s Abstract Sequential. (Because I know you were all dying to know.)

  4. Just what I needed – I little bit of abstract randomness in my day! Yay, Lyle! That was funny. Today I am Abstract/Crabby. Is that a category?!???

  5. I like Abstract/Crabby! Today I am Random/Tired. Mr. Abstract Random was up for at least an hour in the middle of the night requiring intensive cuddling before I was allowed to go back to my bed. God, was it hard to get up this morning.

  6. Totally abstract random…sums up my whole freaking life! LOL

  7. Concrete/Random heeyah, me say. I skip steps like no one’s bidness.

  8. By the time I got to work today, one of my colleagues who reads the blog (hi, Lorell!) had not only figured out her profile but that of our assistant. I had no idea this would be so popular! For anyone who’s wondering, you can definitely figure out what you are online without the actual “test”.

  9. Hee – I think I heve discovered why my dear hubby and I sometimes might get into conflict. Based on the website and my impressions of M and myself, I am abstract randon, and HE is abstract sequential. This may explain a lot. 🙂 Maybe Gregorc should start writing marital advice based on the model. Specifically with regard to finishing tasks and neatness of one’s bedroom. 🙂

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