A Brefkist Moment

Mere moments after Lyle adorably complained about spilling juice on his “bajamas” and asked me to please put them in the washing “bachine” trying to unbutton his shirt like a man on fire, Baxter earnestly observed, “It’s a good thing oatmeal looks like this before you eat it, because if it was ever too hot and you had to spit some out, it would still all look the same.”

I’m thoroughly enjoying this solo weekend with the boys.


One response to “A Brefkist Moment

  1. Mmmm, such an appealing thought…NOT! Reminds me of whay I am not overly fond of the stuff! LOL

    BTW, my word verification? kfaak…the sound I make when my oatmeal isn’t cooked “just so!”

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