Gross Out Songs

Like most kids of a certain age, my kids like gross. I’ve already described how Lyle uses his potty words in the bathroom – that is, by racing into the bathroom when overcome by the urge to shout out his litany: “Pee-pee, poop, penis, butt, and bottom!!!” I love that “bottom” is a bathroom word to him, and I also want to add that I never said he couldn’t talk about his penis outside the bathroom, okay? Just wanted to make that clear.


We now have a new ritual added to the bedtime routine. In the past, we all laid down on the big bed outside the boys’ room and sang some sweet good night songs. However, thanks to Matt, we now also sing “gross-out songs” before bed. Yes, on any given night you might hear something along the lines of “Pee pee, poop, and throw up, too…hope there’s no dog poop on my shoe” to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. It’s always improvised and always met with gales of giggles. From all of us.

Ain’t we got fun?


6 responses to “Gross Out Songs

  1. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    You are a good boy momma! Scott does the same thing with running into the bathroom and screaming out potty-type words. Too funny!

  2. Thanks, Lori! I was definitely cut out to have boys, no doubt about it. I was acutely aware of it the other day when I challenged Baxter to a speed-peeing contest – as in, whoever pees (and washes hands!) first wins. It sure got us out the door fast when we were running late.

  3. I’m stuck on the “big bed outside the boys room” because it makes your house sound like some sort of kid nirvana with mattresses on the floor (for wrestling and rolling and lounging around) and gross out songs in the bedtime routine…

    We have no such luxuries over here.

  4. slouching mom

    We’re big on gross-out songs in this house too. Which is mostly a good thing.

  5. ROFLMAO! THis reminds me of Niksdad’s “Fart” song. (If you want to check it out, go here:

    It still has the power to reduce Nik to fits of giggles…but only when Daddy does it.

  6. By reading the other comments, I’m sure we could all join together and start the first ever “Gross Song Chorus”!

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