Mama’s Little Elf


6 responses to “Mama’s Little Elf

  1. Beautiful.

    And I love the rug. I always wanted one of those big shaggy things. But I figured it would be too hard to keep clean. Does it vacuum well?

  2. Oh, those rugs. How I love them. They look so pretty (in a 70s sort of way) and are incredibly soft to walk on. People who VISIT love them! It’s not that it’s so awfully hard to keep them clean (usually there are no shoes in the house, we were just about to go out so he snuck onto the rug!) but that they SHED LIKE CRAZY!!! We were told that dry cleaning them would do the trick and it’s just as bad. Fuzz everywhere. Thank goodness the kids like the Dustbuster.

    But maybe it would be better to buy them at a higher quality place – I got them at Cost Plus World Market for a heck of a lot less than I’ve seen them elsewhere.

    And that, my friend, is the story of the pretty rugs.

  3. Smoochable little elf ya got there! Where are you hiding the other one??

  4. Holy moly! He turned into a boy!! Last picture I saw he still looked like a toddler! Wow!

  5. Oh, I just love Cost Plus, but we don’t have them here in NY. sigh.

  6. Whoa! I just saw Lyle a few weeks ago, but all of the sudden he’s a little boy! And what a cute picture. They grow too fast. And now my firstborn is five. As Noah would say, “What the HECK?!?”

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