When CARS Imitate Life

This morning, as I got myself ready for work, Matt observed Lyle playing with his cars on the kitchen floor.

He made Lightning McQueen visit each of his friends and say, “Good-bye! Good-bye! I’m going to work!”

Curious, Matt asked Lyle what exactly Lightning McQueen does at work.

Lyle, recently armed with the most basic summary of what I do for a living, thought about it for a bit and finally said, “He’s going to try to teach Tow Mater to talk.”

Good luck, there, Lightnin’. Good luck.


One response to “When CARS Imitate Life

  1. Christopher Tassava

    Awesome! I haven’t even seen that movie, and I know it’s awesome. Won’t you be surprised when you come home one day and Tow Mater is putting the moves on a garlic bulb? He’ll be a player, that Tow Mater. Loves the hookup.

    Ahem. My parallel anecdote was one day when Julia was having Julia Bear go off to work, and told her to have a good day writing grands. I rather like that – “I’m a grandwriter.”

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