Crazy Week!

It was a good but rather crazy weekend. This week promises to bring more of the same.

We happen to have good friends in town from both coasts this week with one couple staying with us one night (yay!). Later in the week I’ll spend two full days at the SCERTS Institute (which I’ve looked forward to for months!), and I’ll be staying at a hotel in the suburbs for the night in between. I’ll get back from that on Friday night, hopefully before the boys go to bed, only to have my monthly Saturday in the clinic the very next day. Oops.

Sometimes, even when things are all really great, they pile up in an unfortunate way.

So it may be a bit quieter than usual on the old blog this week. But if you are missing me, dear friends, just come on back and say “hello” to these very special images that I captured in the Bean today – you know, just to tide you over:

Because I’m so lame you just have to come back.

Don’t you?

PS: During my little semi-hiatus this week, I’ve decided to leave you with a few “Best of The Wonderwheel” links for those of you who are newer to the blog:

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How we came to be card-carrying Unitarians: The Why Church? series.

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4 responses to “Crazy Week!

  1. I love the bean! We have lots of great pictures from there too. Have fun at SCERTS – one day I’ll make it to a training!

  2. Be back, fer sure! No worries.

  3. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Have fun! I’ll be back, no problem (you are so smart for not signing up to do NaBloPoMo!).

  4. Tha picture of you with your tongue sticking out taking a picture with your fancy pink panflute…I mean, iPhone…had me laughing so hard….

    Have a great week!

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