Just a Suggestion

If you were, let’s say, a second grade teacher who had been called out a mere week ago for making an inappropriate comment to another parent in front of me, I would really, truly recommend that when my husband brings in 30 cupcakes and juice boxes that he bought on a late-night grocery run last night, talking to you about them and putting them smack dab in the center of your desk, that you don’t then FORGET TO DO THE PARTY.

Because when my son comes home from school and says confusedly, “I didn’t have my party at school…but I don’t know why,” you are only going to lose more points with me. A. lot. more. points.

Just a suggestion, is all.


13 responses to “Just a Suggestion

  1. Are you serious?
    What`s wrong with this lady..

  2. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    WTF? Did they have a fire drill or some other thing that trumped the party time? Because that seems like the only possible explanation.

  3. WTF, indeed! No, I’m afraid not. They had a busy day and she just totally blew it. Actually, what pissed Matt off the most was that she kept saying, “Baxter and I forgot!” – ummm, no, he most certainly did not forget!!! It sounds like he kept thinking she’d do it later – until they were out of town. And I can say for sure that at his age I wouldn’t have had the nerve to ask a teacher for my class party, either.

  4. (ha! that was supposed to be “out of time”, not “out of town”!! freudian slip from a tired mom?!)

  5. Marketing Mommy

    I am SO SORRY you’re stuck with such a thoughtless teacher. Will the party be held tomorrow or will she be serving the “forgotten” cupcakes at her AA meeting tonight?

  6. She has promised to have the party tomorrow, first thing.

    By the way, Baxter told my cousin on the phone tonight that he’s having all these little parties over the course of the next week (which is true) and he described them as “being like gas matter – all spread out”!!

    Age 7 rocks already.

  7. Oh my. Not good. No snaps for her (can I beat that dead horse?).

  8. Oh. My. God.


    Oh. My. God.

  9. WTF!?? She’d better do some serious partying all day tomorrow to make up for it!

  10. Whoa. So this woman is really, really stupid. Or a really big coward. Or both. That’s EXACTLY the kind of person you want in charge of your child’s education. Christ.

  11. Okay, I cannot believe that!!!! Poor Baxter – I would not have had the nerve to say anything, either, and for her to include him in the blame…??? Unbelieveable.

  12. No, of course a 7-year-old shouldn’t be expected to confront a teacher about his party! What kid that age would?!

    So, OK. Is this woman having some serious personal problems that are affecting her memory, concentration, and judgment, or something? Because I can’t think of any other explanation. Other than she’s incompetent, and that is really, really depressing to consider.

  13. She has jokingly (?) suggested that she has ADD. It would not surprise me in the least. It’s interesting to me that I have so much more patience and understanding about the characteristics of it in kids than I do in adults – she uses a lot of strategies that allow her to teach well, but I would have to say that she is not adequately using organizational strategies in her personal life that are working…whether or not she has ADD.

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