Realizing that we did not have the $12 cash required to send in to school for Baxter’s class picture today, we decided it was time to raid his piggy bank.

Walking into the kitchen with the bank, Matt announced cheerfully, “Baxter, we’re going to do a lesson in I.O.U.’s today!”

Baxter joined him at the table and said, “Well, whatever that is, it must be related to vowels!”

6 responses to “I.O.U.

  1. LOL …I love it!

    I think SB would completely lose it if we tried this.

  2. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Oh, yes, tulipmom, we did do this once with Scott, who is a math wiz, and he freaked out!! Don’t touch his money. I had to do it while he was asleep!

  3. Well. He’s got a point there, clever boy! LOL!

  4. Heh, heh, heh. And how did that work out for Matt? THAT’S the story I want to hear!

  5. Oh great. Another linguist, when what this family really needs is a good accountant…


  6. Hmmm, Niksmom, I think we need Matt to chime in on this one! I was running to take my shower but as far as I know it went fine.

    For some strange reason, he seems to trust us – which is the perfect segue to Oma’s comment because: why would he?!

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