Two for Two

If you’ve been along for the ride here for a while, you are already aware of my penchant for half-assed low-key kids’ birthday parties.

Well, this time I wasn’t setting up card tables to cover barf stains on the rug, but I did take this fallen cake:

and claim to my child that we made it look this way on purpose to create “Pokemon Valley” (does this exist? NO! did it matter? NO!):

Yes, he fell for it. And, yes, he loved it. (Phew!)

Thankfully, Baxter asked to invite only his best friends. One couldn’t make it, which left us with four kids in addition to our boys. Four hilariously precocious and nice kids, I might add. And not only did he want to keep it small, but he was happy with simple. We walked to the local pizza joint and had ourselves some pizza pies.
The kids talked about what books they’re reading (one claimed to another: “I’m really not into the medieval stuff right now.”), played tic tac toe, told monster jokes, and mugged for Baxter’s camera (we gave him our old digital camera for his birthday – he’s already taken over 250 pictures!). Lyle was so in awe of the big kids that he sat there silently and listened to them – unbelievable. It was SO EASY. I had grabbed The Onion on my way into the restaurant and I joked with Matt that the party was such a no-brainer that I could’ve sat there and read it and no one would’ve noticed.

Of course, I didn’t. You knew that, right? Anyway, we then walked back to our house where the kids played a high energy game of tag and won us over further by making it very easy for little Lyle to play.

For the last half hour, we filled them with chocolate cake and hot cocoa, opened gifts, let them tear-ass around the play room for about 15 minutes, and then sent them on their way!So, for the second time this year we pulled off a small party that involved lots of pizza and cake, no organized games, and no parental involvement in the play room. And made one boy very, very happy.

And PS: I’m going to LOVE age seven.

8 responses to “Two for Two

  1. I think this is my first time commenting here but I’ve been lurking for awhile.

    Thank you for this post. And for reminding me to stop stressing over my son’s upcoming 7th birthday party(where to have it? he keeps changing his mind … what to do about the fact that he still hasn’t made too many connections since starting at his new school a month ago? blah blah blah).

    I’m glad Baxter enjoyed his simple but memorable party.

  2. Baxter looks so mature!!!

  3. Tulipmom – Welcome and thanks for your comment! I hope your son enjoys his 7th birthday, too!

    Beata – Well, looks ain’t everything! JUST KIDDING, he is a lot more mature. Of course he is. (Mostly.)

  4. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    You are my hero! The best parties, in my opinion, are exactly as you described: Keep it simple, the least amount of hoopla necessary, personal, perfect.

    So glad it all turned out great! Seven looks good on both of you!

  5. Okay, but where’s the frosting? Did you frost the cake?

    And I agree, the simpler the better and the more fun the kids seem to have. Baxter is growing into such a kind and thoughtful boy. Can’t you just see it in his eyes in that last photo?


  6. Oh, no! You can’t tell it’s frosted?! It’s got an entire container of store-bought chocolate frosting on it (I told you it was half-assed!!). That’s how I stuck all those crazy Pokemon guys on it.

    Lori – I think the kids’ only complaint was that they didn’t have enough free time to go nuts in the playroom – I think that school-age kids have more than enough structured time these days, and are so desperate for that free play time together. In hindsight, I’d have extended the party another half hour for more play time.

    And thanks, Kristen – it makes me so happy that he even *looks* kind and thoughtful. What a nice thing to say. He really is.

  7. Christopher Tassava

    The economy called and said how can you expect it to keep going if you don’t drop a grand on a kid’s birthday?

    I told the economy to shut up and let a brilliant and perfectly-executed idea alone. The economy said it was going to go over by Wall Street and ask for lunch money.

  8. Wow, I see a new career in your future! 😉 Seriously, sounds like it was an awesome day all the way around! And Baxter (you know how much I love that name!)…looks like one happy little dude!

    The Onion? I thought that was only online!

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