Guess the Turkey’s Here

This is what I found on the floor when I went into the kitchen last night after Matt went to the grocery store.

It’s occurring to me that perhaps we’re not the most formal family I know.


7 responses to “Guess the Turkey’s Here

  1. Did you put it in the fridge? Eh gads. I’m beginning to worry about you and your kitchen prep skills. (wink wink)

  2. ROFL! Was he trying to hide a wine stain on the rug? 😉 Oh, that reminds me, yes…I guess I’ll share my wine with the rest of my family on Thanksgiving. LOL

  3. Wait, what?! The car was full of stuff that needed unloading. Pronto, as Lyle would say.

    The turkey was fine, fine I tell you — it’s not like the Dominick’s meat freezer is the paragon of fine turkey treatment!

  4. Ha! It’s true. He only put it down for a minute while he unloaded more groceries. It was really just the fact that he left the venerable turkey on the floor rather than the kitchen counter!! What is that all about?

  5. Hee hee hee hee hee…I love it!

  6. My advice? Don’t start a food blog, unless you want Turkey Rights Watch to come picket your house.

  7. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Poor disrespected turkey!

    We get ours from a turkey farm and the kids can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow. Live turkeys run around and farm folk yell out your name as they weigh the newly deceased birds.

    Maybe your way is a little more civilized even if it spent some time on the floor!

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