What’s Less Sexy than Granola? My robe.

I have a winter robe. Not just any old robe, but this robe. In navy, if you must know.

I bought it last year when we moved here to this cold hinterland, into a home with big, drafty windows. It’s not hip, no, that’s for certain; but I’m not exactly a slave to fashion. (Since buying it, I have also purchased its equivalents in the slipper and winter coat departments. I might look like a major dork, but I’m warm, you hear me? Warm.)

Tonight I am wearing it around our chilly house.

I stopped to talk to Matt, who is busy typing tonight’s 1000 words for his NaNoWriMo story (he’s not officially enrolled, but is taking turns writing 1000 words per day with our friend Christopher for the month).

I thought I detected a faint smirk on his face. As I left the room, I called back to him, “What’s sexier than this robe, huh?

His immediate reply: “Granola.”


14 responses to “What’s Less Sexy than Granola? My robe.

  1. I too have a very unflattering winter robe, but its fluffy and cosy and i love it!

  2. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    I spend quite a bit of time in my bathrobe and slippers. This makes my husband crazy, no not, crazy I-want-you, just plain old, my-wife-is-annoying crazy!

    It’s all about comfort and warmth.

  3. Somehow this conjurs up images of “…ma in her kerchief and I in my cap…” Maybe you should get Matt a nightcap (no not a drink, silly!). Maybe he’s just jealous…and cold?

    I think my husband’s reply about hat could be sexier might have been “anything else!” Sorry…
    Says the woman who has a fluffy vlue robe with huge white snow flakes on it. (At least, I think they’re snow flakes…)

  4. Granola!

    Good one, Matt!

  5. First, why oh why not the berry pink? And second, it bothers me that that picture of granola looks so strange. Why does it look so odd? Are those, like, wasabi peas in there, those green things? Does it look to anyone else like nest-building material? OK, yes, I looked too closely at the granola picture. I can’t explain why. But now it’s really bothering me.

  6. Shan – Well, first of all, because I thought the berry pink was actually way more dorky than the navy blue! 😉 Yee-uck – he’d have actually barfed if I’d bought it in pink! Second, that was definitely the grossest picture of granola I could find; I did so on purpose to make the point about how unsexy he thinks my robe is (not surprisingly!). I don’t know what those green things are, but God help anyone who puts them in my breakfast granola.

  7. OK, OK, I get it. Hmmmm. Should I be offended since I am currently wearing pink pj’s? That could probably be described as “berry”?

    As for the granola, now I am wondering how long it took you to find such an unappetizing photo. And was it, like, for sale online? Does anyone buy that granola? Is it really granola? I’ll stop now.

  8. Nah, don’t be offended unless all of the following are true:

    1) The pj’s are fleece;
    2) they have a collar;
    3) they are belted;
    4) they have no actual waistline

    It took me 5 seconds to find that nasty picture – just head on over to Google images and see for yourself! I can’t remember where it came from, but I’m sure I stole it illegally. Shhh….

  9. Phew! I have to admit I was a little concerned that you actually ATE that granola. I loved granola in my pre-low-carb days but that stuff looks nasty!

  10. Okay, everyone – given your INTENSE interest in that particular granola, here’s the link: http://www.moveablefeastgeneva.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=23

    One just has to wonder – is THAT one of Oprah’s favorite things? (See top right of page!)

  11. I’m thinking the robe with the zipper (!) from that same site would be much less sexy, so tell Matt its actually worked out pretty well for him!

  12. Becky – Oh my God, yes! I’ve got that held on layaway until my 60th birthday.

  13. Christopher Tassava

    I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by the comments on the robe, or the comments on the granola. With respect to being warm, though, I endorse any and all clothing options. I wore a stocking cap to bed last night.

  14. Wow, Christopher, so Niksmom was right! Only you would admit that in public, dude.

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