Doesn’t Seem Worthy of a Raise, Does it?

Last week, a local news station informed Chicago area residents via closed captioning that the Feds would not be getting the 12.5% “cost of lynching” raise they expected.

Just in case you were wondering what they’ve been up to.


6 responses to “Doesn’t Seem Worthy of a Raise, Does it?

  1. Seems oddly apt, no?

  2. Okay. Do you think the typist (or closed captionist? what is that job title?) did it on purpose?

    I do.

  3. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Is there a name for these things? Instead of typos, something better. Anyone?

    Mistake? It seems too perfect to be one…

  4. Good question, Lori. Matt: you name things for a living – give it a shot!

  5. Name-o-tron 3000

    This is what I do for work, so now I gotta give it away for free? In my spare time?!? That’s like asking a janitor to take out the trash at home…



    okay, never mind.

    How about close-o? Captio? You clearly want to mimic the construction of “typo”

    No, I’ve got it:


    That’ll be $40,000. Please pull around to the second window.

  6. Okay, I kinda like Captio or Transcribo. You start the trademark search, dear spouse, and then come back and tell us what you’d call if it only LOOKED like an error but was intentional.

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