Blogging with Neighbors

The other day as I was unsuccessfully hurrying out the door for work, I was also trying to tell Matt that many people in our condo building were interested in making a group donation in honor of a neighbor who died last week. (I’m organizing the donation.) Given my frazzled state, I was having a bit of a word retrieval issue.

Me: “Sounds like most of our neighbors are interested in doing a…” (and here I faltered, so a long pause ensued)

Baxter (filling in the blank from the breakfast table): “…blog?”

Not only was this funny because, well, it’s just hilarious to hear the word “blog” from a child’s mouth (although it was even funnier when my 86-year old grandmother referred to it as my “blob” today on the phone), but because the very idea of our condo neighbors writing a collective blog just killed us.

Think about it: if your closest neighbors were to start a group blog, what would it be like? Do tell.


9 responses to “Blogging with Neighbors

  1. Some possible titles for a blog from our seven-unit building:

    Why Should I Have To Pay for That? That’s Not Fair

    The Creaky Floorboard Report: Just What Were You Doing Up There?

    Assess This!

    Mostly Normal

  2. I’m laughing at your grandmother’s comment. That is precisely what SB calls my blog and it cracks me up everytime.

  3. I have to give my grandmother credit – she did actually then correct herself. I don’t know which amazes me more – that Baxter knows the word “blog” or that my elderly grandmother does!

  4. Christopher Tassava

    Re. the neighborhood blog, let me quote two lines from an email I received in my capacity as co-chair of the Buildings and Grounds subcommittee of our townhouse association board: “We mentioned our concern about the pigeons at the last association meeting.

    Unfortunately we are still having problem with the pigeons that are roosting on our roof , damaging the shingles, and making a mess.”

    Re. “blog” as a vocabulary item: the other day Julia said something that cracked me up, and as I laughed she looked over and said, “Daddy, you should blog that.” I just about keeled over. (But I never did blog it, unfortunately.)

  5. Hey, your kids could probably teach our generation a thing or two about technology and blogging! And your grandmother? She rocks!

    My neighbors’ collaborative blog would be interesting indeed. Not sure what they’d write but the personalities…oy! The retired widow school teacher (very old-school kindergarten teacher), the woo-woo “crystal healing” clove cigarette smoking, wish-I-lived-in-Sedona psychologist, and teh curmudgeonly high school driver ed teacher and his (very lovely)social worker wife…and us. Just getting a concensus would be a challenge! LOL

  6. To Matt’s list, I’ll add a couple of titles of my own, for our townhouse association block:

    “I Thought This Was a Retirement Community; What are Those Damn Little Kids Doing Around Here?”

    “Get Your Plastic Slide Out of View of my Back Window or I’ll Get You Thrown Out of This Place”

    “The Landscaping Crew’s Leaf Blowers: Loud Enough For You?”

    OK, OK, I’ll be fair. If the bloggers included our unfailingly sweet elderly next-door neighbor and/or the couple across the street, the title could be:

    “I’ll Bring Your Girls Little Presents if You Take in My Mail.”

    So it’s not all bad.

  7. “Hey, Mr. Snowplow Guy, Do Us A Favor and Don’t Leave 50 Tons of Salt in the Middle of Our Cul-de-Sac This Year, OK (We were still sweeping it up this past May)?”

  8. Or how’s about, “The Mail’s Supposed to Come at 4:00, not 4:20!”

    Or, “Trick or Treat, Schmick or Schmeat!”

    Or, “Who Are You Again?”

  9. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    When I first read this post I couldn’t comment b/c the idea of my neighbors knowing about my blog frightens me! I think they would have plenty of material just writing about my family. As in, “when your neighbor’s kid won’t leave your house” or “does your neighbor have a crazy dog”.

    Scott uses “blog” too. Cracks me right up. But my mom? She probably doesn’t yet know the word.

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