Today’s Sitemeter

It’s been a busy day here on my Sitemeter – a little feature that I find endlessly amusing. Here are a few of today’s searches that have brought people to The Wonderwheel:

1. warm sexy robe – Good luck, sister. If you find one, come on back and tell me all about it.

2. Santa’s elves are watching – Yes, they are. I’m pretty sure they’re at your window right now. (You wouldn’t believe how many times a week this one shows up – what exactly is there to learn about this? I’m starting to suspect it’s porn-related. Maybe I’m just cynical.)

3. should i go to work with bronchitis – I had no idea that I was providing such a public service when I wrote that post. Apparently bronchitis is going around, and everyone‘s wondering if they should go to work. (I thought this was really strange until Matt just told me that he quite nearly Googled “can i drink coke with strep throat” the other day. So I’m not sure what that proves, but there you go.)

4. child over attached to mom – Boy, if I didn’t think I was on to something with that post to begin with, now that I’ve seen how many people actually Google those words every day, I am a believer.


2 responses to “Today’s Sitemeter

  1. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Sitemeter is hilarious! Great fun. I now really think about whether I want to click through when I search, before blogging I had no idea how traceable I was!

    Warm, sexy robe is an oxymoron. Like, big, comfortable, sexy underwear. Never gonna happen.

  2. Sitemeter is truly a spooky thing. I’ve tried to stop looking at what brings people my way. It’s just downright crazy, sometimes. And like Lori says, it makes me think twice about my searches, but also about words I use in my own posts that could trigger an odd search.

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