It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

What I anticipated today to be like:

Matt would take the boys out to the suburbs to visit with his grandmother in the nursing home. They would then have lunch with Matt’s good childhood friend and his family, who are in town for Christmas from Brooklyn. My guys would return around 2 or 3 pm. I, back at home, would have completed some work at my desk and gotten the bulk of the packing completed in delicious solitude.

What today has been like:

I have washed load after load of laundry and cleaned the food out of the fridge, all the while trying to appease the very loud and insistent three-year old who is following me around, talking non-stop. “One…two…three…five…six…” he counts, choosing some of the 30-some Christmas cards lining the chair rail in the hallway. “Twelve! Just twelve days till Cissmas!” he shrieks. In the other room, I hear the sounds of my 7-year old, retching yet again, with my husband calling for another cool washcloth to clean him up.

Not a single item has been packed.

If we can’t leave early tomorrow morning it won’t be the end of the world, I’m sure. If we don’t get to California by Cissmas (where Santa has already sent all of his gifts), we’re screwed.

Baxter will be okay by morning, right? And no one else will get sick? Promise me.


6 responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

  1. Just popped over here after posting about how our best laid plans to leave today were derailed due to a sick child. AHHHHHH (that was my silent screaming!!).

    I hope you guys get to leave tomorrow. All the presents are in California??? Well, of course they are, you are one super organized Mommy. AHHHHH (that was one for you).

  2. Oh, man. If it matters, I promise that the kid will feel better soon – by bedtime tonight, even! I hpe the trip goes off with fewer hitches than the run-up.

  3. Well, Baxter has slept most of the day and is starting to have a few bites of food and some water (fingers crossed!). Due to some inclement weather coming in overnight, our airline is letting people change flights with no fee. So we switched to the same flight on Monday morning instead of tomorrow.

    That gives us tomorrow to let Baxter recover more and to make sure the rest of us stay healthy. Thank you, Southwest Airlines!

    It’s going to be a bit weird to be here tomorrow – the bags are packed, the fridge is cleaned out, and the plants are watered. I’m sure we’ll find something to do!

  4. Oh no! I hope by the time you read this Baxter is much much better and wow, you are so smart for changing your flight. I feel paralyzed in those circumstances.

    Stay well, friend! And safe travels.

  5. Sending healthy thoughts your way!

  6. Good god! I hope that bax is feeling MUCH better – I was actually thinking of you this morning as our windows SHOOK from the gusts of wind blowing down the street. I am glad you were not on the plane! Merry Cissmas!

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