We Made it! (Or: Guess Who Got a New Camera?!)

We’re here! We’re all healthy, the 4-hour flight was unbelievably easy with the kids, and it’s a sunny and 60 degrees here. It was a rocky night’s sleep due to jet lag and excitement, but both boys have been napping for over two hours this afternoon, so tonight ought to be much better.

Matt surprised me with a Nikon digital SLR and then surprised me further by telling me that it was not my Christmas gift (huh?) – turns out, he sold an old Mac iBook we don’t use anymore and was able to buy a wonderful camera for us with the proceeds. (Thank you, Mac products, for retaining your value.) So here are our first shots with the new camera – the blog photos will be much prettier from here on out! (Oh, and I did bring my laptop – Matt’s work laptop hard drive melted down just before our trip.)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


7 responses to “We Made it! (Or: Guess Who Got a New Camera?!)

  1. Hooray!! You made it!! I was thinking about you all day…that’s some nasty weather you folks have back there in the midwest. But Northern California? Ahhhh.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, so THAT’S what your boys look like! šŸ˜‰

    Merry Christmas. Glad you made it out before the midwest was shut down! LOL

  3. Glad to hear everyone is healthy and enjoying the warmer California temps. Great photos! Your boys are so cute!

  4. Yay! Nice pictures! And merry Christmas!!

  5. yay! You all look so happy and healthy. We’re on the other coast, getting root canal (Jesse) and coughing nonstop (me). But we’re here and happy . See you soon!

  6. Happy holidays! — xo, Kevin and Jess and baby TBNL

  7. Glad you are all doing well. Congrats on the camera!

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