All Mondays are Not Created Equal

It was a rough Monday morning at Chez Wonderwheel.

There were two additional stressors that I may have neglected to mention in Friday night’s post:

1) Matt has to work in NYC Monday through Thursday this week, leaving today before any of us were awake; and

2) Everyone and his mother’s brother’s uncle has decided they NEED to have a team meeting about their child immediately. Which I need to attend, and which occur in the evenings, whether my husband is out of town or not. I have limited myself to one of these a week to save my sanity, but unfortunately most weeks I have other commitments in the evenings over the next 4-6 weeks. There is one week coming up this month when I have to be out of the house in the evening four nights in a row. Y.U.C.K.

And so that brings us to this morning.

Lyle is old enough – and wise enough – now to become upset when I say that Daddy’s in New York and Mommy will be working late, past bedtime, and will give him a kiss when I get home – beloved or not, 13 hours is a long time to be with the babysitter. (It’s true: just ask our checking account!)

There is no worse way to leave the house on a Monday morning than with the echoes of your 3-year old’s wails resounding in your head.

Especially when you know that he has every right to be upset.


13 responses to “All Mondays are Not Created Equal

  1. Okay, these are the things we cannot beat ourselves up over. Lyle will be fine, you will get through your day, and you will both feel happy that you did it, you made it, and it wasn’t so bad.

    Letting it go, my friend. It’s the secret.

    But I get that you are sad…I do

  2. Surely he’s old enough to understand that Daddy will come marching home with AIRPORT PRESENTS. That might get him through a rough spot or two.

  3. Sending thoughts of peace and calm to you and the boys! xo

  4. One of us can pretend to be able to carry on adult conversation if you need some company this week! Just give us a jingle and we can pop over!

  5. Juggling is difficult.
    So heres some more peace and calm for you!

  6. Argh! That would kill me. 😦 So sorry about your tough week.

  7. Emily, as some know me

    That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

    There. Don’t just feel oh so much better now?



  8. Special Needs Mama

    Gordo is right. Time to crack out the presents. Hang in there.

  9. Thanks, everyone!! You guys are brilliant. And you know what? I’m doing the presents. Matt, I’ll give the boys those trinkets that were going to be from Grandma Geri tomorrow morning!

    But, really, I had to come back here now that I’m home (let’s hear it for the 13-hour day!) and say that it was a good day. And my meeting tonight was better than good; it was one of those team meetings where you just know that this child is going places and he’s got the right group of people to take him there. And that is so satisfying that I didn’t even mind coming home at 9pm, after the kids were asleep.

    Because my absence today will just be a blip on the radar for my kids, but a much, much bigger deal for someone else’s family.

  10. I’m glad you survived the day. I hope that someone else’s family knows how lucky they are to have you on their side.

  11. “Because my absence today will just be a blip on the radar for my kids, but a much, much bigger deal for someone else’s family.” Jordan, I love your attitude! Would you please clone yourself a few times over and send at least one of you to each of our respective locales? What? You can’t?? Will you just move to DE then??

  12. Aw, Niksmom, that is so kind of you. In all seriousness, though, there aren’t enough therapists around who work with kids the way my colleagues and I do. And it’s a problem. A big one, because I can’t handle the demand here and beyond. And for that reason I wish I could clone my SLP self – of course, I can’t BUT comments like yours are what have finally pushed me to start taking interns to train them in this eay. And I will send THEM to each of your respective locales! How’s that? 😉

  13. Jordan, you have such a generous heart and a true love of kids. That can’t be learned. Oh and the presents thing? Brilliant, if I do say so myself. We did that with Isaac…left a few back from the holidays in case of emergency. Big hit.

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