Cats and Dogs and Allergens: Oh, My!

So that Suzuki violin class? The one we won in the auction and went to visit tonight to see what we thought of it? Where Baxter excitedly got measured for his quarter-sized violin?

The one that both kids wanted to participate in, with even Lyle whining for a violin (which he could have soon, if we so choose)? Close to our neighborhood? With the really fantastic teacher?

Yeah, that one.

Well, it’s in the teacher’s house. A perfectly lovely house, I should note, but one that has cat and dog hair swirling into the air and taking off from the floor every time a child so much as places his violin down on the floor to play the “who can pick up their bow properly the fastest” game. With the actual multiple felines and canines racing through the house at the end of class.

There is no way I can spend all that time in that house every week, this much became clear by the completion of the hour.

Damn these allergies.

Damn them.


6 responses to “Cats and Dogs and Allergens: Oh, My!

  1. I hear you.

    Miss M would like a dog or cat.

    I would like my socially-challenged child to have said dog or cat.

    I really don’t want to move out.

    Damn these allergies is right.

    Poor you.

  2. Oh no, that’s such a shame! Can you dose up on (non-drowsy) antihistamines beforehand?

    I suffer allergies by marriage…. DH is extremely allergic. So in a room full of people to brush up against, who does a cat pick – yup – the one who would bring the most suffering by bringing a few hairs home….

  3. Oh no!! Can you do a drop and run?

  4. Wow, that’s awful! And shame on the instructor for not being considerate of others’ potential allergies. Can you say something to him/her and ask if it’s possible to have a pet-free zone established for lessons?

    Claritin does wonders for allergies, too.

    Swirling pet hair is gross. And I have two long-haired cats!

  5. Sadly, nothing works for my cat allergy. I’ve tried it all. It’s just really, really bad. I screamed on the inside when we walked in the door and I smelled that cat smell and saw pet paraphernalia. It’s a very family-centered program, as it should be. The parents are all in the room participating with the kids. Also, Lyle has such a strong interest to join in that the teacher said he should be at all the lessons (group and individual) and then he could probably join them soon. So I’d need to be there with him. And Matt has choir on Wed. nights so it’s all on me to take them.

    So crap.

    I’m going to look for another place to do violin and hope that we can work it into our schedule somehow. My dream would be lessons at our dander-free house!

  6. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Oh No! That would be a problem for us, too. We can’t take Jane anywhere with cats, even the neighbors. My husband could get by with the drugs. That sucks! I hope you can work something out.

    We can’t visit my brother who has 4 cats and 3 dogs b/c Jane had a huge asthma attack the last time we were there.

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