Fired Up! Ready to go!

As Matt is fond of saying (in his “Obama is my Homeboy” shirt) Barack the Vote!

Whomever you support today, be sure you get out there and vote!

(But I’ll love you more if it’s Barack. There. I’ve said it.)
(Photos courtesy of Matt’s Voting Adventures)


8 responses to “Fired Up! Ready to go!

  1. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Yes We Can! I am saying it everywhere even though I don’t get to vote today (or at all for the primary). Glad you did!!

    And it is cool that our older kids can start to understand this and will be able to remember this excitement and involvement. I want my kids to feel that instead of detached like I did growing up.

  2. How about I vote for Barack on the 19th instead? Would that be okay too?

  3. Okay, Cathy, I’ll definitely accept that! Sorry! 😉

  4. As Miss M said…”Surrender Bush!”

  5. Emily, as some know me

    I think it would be illegal if I were to vote today. But I’ll give it a try.

    Nope. I can’t. But at this point, I’d vote for the Pope as long as he’s not George W. Bush. Well, maybe not THE Pope.

  6. Well, good thing we left California so we could live in a state in which Obama won. I’m not giving up the hope, Barack!

  7. Yes, Cassie! I am happy to say that three of the four states I’ve called home (CT, MN, IL) went for Obama. Only CA disappointed! We made a good move, didn’t we? 😉

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