Welcome to My World

If a certain Senator from Illinois were to have delegates automatically added to his roster every time a local man hollered like a drill sargeant, “FIRED UP!” from Point A in the house in order for his wife to respond as loudly as she can, “READY TO GO!” from Point B (without waking the children), then we would be responsible for a fairly substantial increase in Obama delegates this week.

I’m just sayin’.


8 responses to “Welcome to My World

  1. If that senator were to get delegates every time that same supporter used those two lines in instant-message exchanges this week, that senator would be trouncing his opponent.

    Myself, I’m fired up. Ready to go.

  2. Oh, I can only imagine that. He had the kids saying it at dinner tonight.

  3. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    I changed my party affiliation today (from no party to democrat). It looks PA might be a big player and I want in. I am fired up and ready to go!

  4. Yaaaay, Lori!!!


  5. Emily, as some know me

    Y’all are just strange. Not because of the politics but because of what you’re doing in your spare time at home while the kids are asleep. Of course, Marshall and I are both sitting here, each on our respective computers, scouring Amazon (him) and reading blogs(me). Perhaps I should yell “Fired up!” at him just to see what he would do.

  6. Well, don’t get me wrong, Emily. I was reading blogs while that whole hollering thing was going on, of course.

    I’ve also realized that it’s sort of become our personal “Marco? Polo!” routine if we are looking for each other in the house.

    Not that we’re not strange. I’d never suggest that.

  7. P;us the bonus delegates awarded when you get your 23 month old to play the part of the drill sergeant and her older sis shouting “ready to go!” 🙂

  8. Well, somehow I missed the whole Fired Up! Ready to Go! rant, but now I want to get me some. I’m gonna try it out tomorrow. I think I’ll teach it to the six year old first.

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