Keep On Pluggin’, Obama!

I think it would be difficult to read this segment from this morning’s New York Times article
Obama Gets Convincing Win in Three States” and not get a little goose-bumpy. He was expected to win those states, yes, but not by these margins. People are votin‘!

“With the fight for the nomination extending beyond the 22 contests last Tuesday, voters in a fresh batch of states have suddenly found themselves in the thick of the most competitive primary in a generation. In past years they tended to cast their votes well after the nominee was effectively chosen.

On Saturday, with the contest so close, excitement ran high, as did turnout.

In Nebraska, The Omaha World-Herald reported that organizers at two caucus sites had been so overrun by crowds that they abandoned traditional caucusing and asked voters to drop makeshift scrap-paper ballots into a box instead. In Sarpy County, in suburban Omaha, traffic backed up on Highway 370 when thousands of voters showed up at a precinct where organizers had planned for hundreds.

In Washington, the Democratic party reported record-breaking numbers of caucusgoers, with early totals suggesting turnout would be nearly be nearly double what it was in 2004 — itself a record year — when 100,000 Democrats caucused.”

I’m going to have to say: a lot of Americans appear to be Fired up and Ready to go!


2 responses to “Keep On Pluggin’, Obama!

  1. I have friends who are caucusing in Maine tonight where they’re expecting double the turnout this year. Of course their town is so small that this means they’re going from about 75 or so to a projected 150 participants. Still, it just goes to prove: excitement truly is contagious. 🙂

  2. Man, I am FEELING this in a way I haven’t felt for a long, long, far too long time. How old was I when I last cast a vote for the candidate I truly wanted, rather than simply voting against the one I wanted least? (Does that make sense?) Apart from Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold, the most exciting thing about voting for me in the last few years has been those little “I Voted” stickers the nice old men always give out as I leave. Talk about Fired Up. How amazing to feel involved and – dare I say it – passionate! Waiting, waiting, until the 19th….

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