Big Fancy Brother

We tried to go out to play today. Really, we did. Matt was able to take a little holiday time off this morning and we all bundled up to get some fresh air and attempted to go to the neighborhood playground for some exercise. However, once out in the below-zero wind chill, Lyle didn’t make it further than the corner ATM. To Matt and Baxter’s credit, they spent about 15 minutes at the playground, and had a rousing game of catch with an ice ball. (Don’t you just love hearing about life in the midwest, those of you who live elsewhere?!)

Once both boys were back at the house, they made up this fantastic game which served the dual purposes of a) burning off some energy and b) making their mother very happy to see them getting along so well. Believe me, not every interaction between my sons looks like this; if it did, I would not have pulled out the video camera. But they’re able to play together well more and more often these days, and they remind me of a couple of energetic little puppies.

The fun continued when they were called upstairs to lunch and Baxter agreed to help Lyle wash his hands (often a bone of contention). As I passed by the bathroom door I heard Lyle declare happily, “Baxter? You are my big, fancy brother!!”

Here are the two fancy brothers having a great time together in the play room (adult supervision highly recommended):

8 responses to “Big Fancy Brother

  1. This is what I missed while I was making peanut butter sandwiches?! Man, I gotta look into some pre-made lunches.

  2. How cute are they???

  3. Oh how adorable! The giggles and grins and excalamations of “Let’s do it again!” PRICELESS!

  4. Fantastic! I love it.

  5. oh no! i missed it! when i click on the video, it says it’s no longer available. boo hoo.

  6. hmm, mine still works! if anyone else has trouble with it, please let me know.

  7. okay! it worked this time!

    soooo adorable! how did you keep yourself from joining in???

  8. Well, Kyra, when you realize that perhaps you’ve been a WEE bit too much fun as a Mom and your kids don’t want to play without you, it’s a really good idea to dissppear whenever they’re amusing themselves!!!

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