I Did it!!

It’s short! And I took your advice – it’s shorter in back. I love it!


19 responses to “I Did it!!

  1. Wow!! LOVE IT! It makes you look younger (not that you looked old, that’s not what I meant!!), more vibrant. Sassy and spunky. 🙂

  2. Wow is right! Hot mama! This may be the perfect cut for you! It is fabulous! And “snaps” and “props” to your hairdresser (to bring back those words!).

  3. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Wow!! You look fabulous!! Love what Becky said, snaps and props!!

  4. I love it too! You look so sassy!

  5. You guys are awesome! Thank you! I FEEL sassy – but maybe that’s the new high heeled boots I’m wearing out tonight?!

    And BTW, I am doing all posting and commenting from my iPhone!

  6. Posting from the iPhone? You brave new woman!!! I love love love the hair. I told ya. Shorter in back. It’s the big secret. Between the hair and the cashmere and the iPhone…you are a woman of the 21st century.

  7. With that haircut, you’re so PRETTY and POPULAR!

  8. Seriously, super cute.

  9. Loooove it, Jordan! Looks excellent, sassy, now and WOW! :-)Hope you’re having a great time in SF! And I cannot beLIEVE that your seatmate did not help with yor luggage! Did he at least buy you a…what are the OJ and champagne things called??? Sheesh.

  10. I love the hair too! It’s so cute that it is the only thing that could actually get me considering cutting my own hair–which I’ve been growing for TWO AND A HALF YEARS and which is the longest it’s been since I was 19 years old, and which I have LOVED having this long. But lately I’ve been wondering if some of it should go.

    My only question is: Seriously, no more ponytail option? You actually have to wash and style it every day? My main motivation for growing mine out was that when my hair is short(er), it does not last from day to day–it has to be re-done every morning. And with babies, I had no more time for that. When it’s long, I can sleep on it and “recycle” it, which I could never do before. But this cut is SO CUTE on you!

  11. Oh Jordan! It looks so sassy!! So glad you decided to go for it! 🙂

  12. You look amazing!! LOVE the hair!

  13. I love it!!!! So damn cute. And we can see your face, as my grandmother would have said. Lovely.

  14. Emily, as some know me

    Beautiful. You look adorable.

  15. Oh my God, you guys! I’m going to have print out this list of comments when I’m having a less-than-sassy day!

    You’re the best!


  16. Special Needs Mama

    Right on! Now leave us directions on how to post from your iphone!

  17. Okay, let’s see. Vicki…to post from my iPhone, I had to go into my Settings on Blogger and set up an email address to allow me to email posts to my blog. Then, it being the iPhone, I could take a photo, add some text, and send it via email – it goes right up without any other steps!

    And Shannon, well, I almost never have those ponytail days anymore (but of course I do have a lovely photo of myself with one – *shudder*). Maybe once every 3-4 weeks. So I was already washing and blow-drying my hair every day; therefore, this is a hell of a lot easier b/c it’s way less hair to dry and it’s super easy to style. I can also let it air dry, it’ll just be curly. And it didn’t actually look bad when I woke up this morning – I think I could’ve gone without re-styling it if I’d wanted to…

  18. I BEGGED my hairdresser to do that;
    he gave me long mermaid hair.

    You look fantastic. Where did you go?

  19. I’m late to this party, but I echo all the sentiments! It’s a fab haircut.

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