Utter Nonsense

The boys have had more and more periods of delightful interaction lately. Last night Lyle pulled out this Blokus game and started to use the tiles to configure letters of the alphabet (accurately, which I found somewhat shocking). This drew attention from his big brother, and the two of them lay companionably on the rug, head to head, putting tiles into the board and talking complete and utter nonsense to each other. I paused in my dinner-making activities to take a minute-long video of the brotherly bonding.

Anyone who has spent more than about 15 minutes with me in my life will recognize that these random dudes could only be my children:


7 responses to “Utter Nonsense

  1. I just love Lyle’s little voice! That was a fun video. I was wating to see the camera shake as they were talkinga bout the cuckoo-choo choo (at least that’s what it sounded like).

  2. Does that just make your heart melt? Not just that their voices are so sweet and funny, but that they are taking such pleasure in hanging out together. Anytime my girls are making each other giggle instead of cry, I’m thrilled.

  3. Christopher Tassava

    That’s very cute and very funny! What is that toy, though? It looks like something the Tassava girls would like (J now, G/jointly in a year or two, maybe).

  4. They are so cute together!

  5. Truly a house of loons.

    Love them. Sublime.

  6. What a wild and crazy world you live in….

    Love the kuku choo choo and all the silly talk. But mostly, I love how much they love each other!!

  7. Noster and D-man watched this tonight and were enthralled. “Let’s watch another one!!” 🙂 So cute they are!

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