BlogHer ‘08 Facts

Lori has brought to my attention the fact that BlogHer ‘o8 is in San Francisco this summer. Allow me to share some reasons why I see that as incredibly convenient.

1. It’s July 18-20. I will be attending a SCERTS training in Monterey, CA July 20-25.

2. Susan, Drama Mama, and Cindy are all locals, and as such they are automatically completely available.

3. Vicki, Kristen, and ghkcole could be bullied into taking the short flight up from L.A., I’ve decided.

4. All the rest of you wonderful bloggers near and far could be talked into taking the longer flight from the midwest, south, and east coast (and Australia?) because you know you deserve a break – and that we’d have a really super-groovy time.

Look, folks, BlogHer was in Chicago last summer and I really blew it. Missed everything but the parties. I need a chance to redeem myself. And here’s the best part: if we all go, I promise to blog drunk again. Drunkard’s Scout’s honor.


10 responses to “BlogHer ‘08 Facts

  1. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    You rock, Jordan!! I want to say I’m in. I am working on the husband because of the $. I love how you said the LA people could be bullied to fly up! Fabulous idea! BlogHer ’08 – Bring it on!!!

  2. kristenspina

    Trust me, Lori. The bullying has begun. Jordan will stop at nothing. Isn’t she fantastic?

  3. I will stop at nothing, that’s right. Because here’s the thing. You don’t even have to sign up for the conference if you don’t want to. I’ll take you all to the best coffee shops and we’ll hang out all day. And I know Drama Mama will do Tartine with us – that’s reason enough to go.

    Bully. I’m rolling the word around in my mouth. Hmm. I kinda like it.

  4. And by the way, Kristen, aren’t you supposed to be conversing with your spouse right now?!

  5. Special Needs Mama

    Oh SHI-se. (That’s yiddish, I think.) You got me. I’m there.

  6. I think it’s German, Vicki. But, never mind, we can discuss that this summer. In San Francisco.

    I’m so hyper as I sit here watching these comments roll in that I just don’t think I can handle the boredom involved in unloading and reloading the dishwasher right now.

  7. oooh, you’re on to something…

  8. Vicki has pointed out that the Early Bird pricing ends March 31st and then the conference becomes more expensive. Here’s what I’m leaning towards: just signing up for Saturday 7/18…the cost of one day is $99 and includes meals and the Sat. night cocktail party if we so desired. But I’m definitely not registering unless others do!

  9. This is a comment about old news, but your drunken blog post from last year is sooo funny. Has blasted blogging replaced drunken dialing? Can’t wait to read this year’s installment.

  10. I think I could be persuaded.

    After I come back from London and Paris with My Gay.


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