Early Spring by the Lake

The boys and I found our local park by Lake Michigan to be more mucky puddle than play area yesterday, so we headed over to the beach and reacquainted ourselves with its streams, rocks, and the chilly sand of the early season. We also found that the other children had come out of hibernation. I wanted to stay out until dark.


5 responses to “Early Spring by the Lake

  1. Life As I Know It

    Yay! You mean spring really is on the way?
    Our playground are still snow covered, but soon, very soon, we’ll be able to be out all day again!

  2. Special Needs Mama

    What an amazing place to hang out. Awesome.

  3. spring! i can feel it! and see it!

  4. It was sunny and warm here today, too, but I am having beach envy! love the pictures…bare feet???

  5. Yeah, they tried bare feet for a while but decided to put shoes back on after about ten minutes. You know it’s cold when a small child asks to put shoes *on*. Could have something to do with the fact that there’s still a pile of snow and ice between the sand and water. (Not that I let them walk on that barefoot – I’m not that crazy.)

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