I have a lot to talk about today, and thanks to the bizarre day I’m having I might have time to say most of it over the course of the day. But I’m going to start with the fact that Libby introduced me to one of the best time-wasters ever this morning! It’s called a “word cloud” and those of you at other blog sites often have them created from your tags. We aren’t so lucky here at Blogger (as far as I can tell), but the Snapshirt site is perfectly happy to make one for us for free! One difference: it’s not created from our tags, but rather from the most frequently used words on our blogs. Snapshirt gives us the option of ignoring certain words, which is handy but takes more than the initial 30 seconds required for its creation. A super-anal person could get really into this. Not that I’m saying that’s me, or anything. Ahem. Anyway, this isn’t useful in that readers can click on the words like you cool cats elsewhere, but I do like the way it looks. And so, I present to you my own personal Word Cloud:

Kinda cute, no? It seems that we can get them printed on t-shirts and mugs and such. I’m not sure that I’m that dedicated to it, but it will live in my sidebar for a while.


10 responses to “Wondercloud

  1. goodfountain

    That is very cool, Jordan! It’s pretty accurate too, don’t ya think? I like how Kristen’s name shows up right in the middle. LOL.

  2. I know, goodfountain – I had to laugh that “kristen” is the same size as “matt” and “life”!! Too funny. I may be wrong, but based on the way it turned out (“cashmere”, which I removed b/c it’s not too representative, was larger than “life”) I think it might have just created it based on the current main page.

  3. Life As I Know It

    Very cool!

  4. It’s really neat to see the words like that, isn’t it? You might be able to make one with navigation by using the program at TagCrowd.com. 🙂

  5. kristenspina

    Good grief, can’t you just delete me?

  6. Of course I could! But wouldn’t that take the fun out of it?

  7. kristenspina


  8. What fun! I just made one too! But I’m sort of embarrassed by the very prominent position of “pork.”

  9. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    I am laughing so hard about Kristen’s name and her being embarrassed. Too funny, you two!

  10. I burst out laughing today when I read Cindy’s comment about “pork”. That’s hilarious!

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