Autism: The Musical – Coming to a TV Near You

Okay, so I didn’t quite get everything up here today that I’d hoped for, but it was a bizarre day for sure. Turns out poor Baxter has the actual flu virus; that would account for all that coughing the past few days and the fever that popped up yesterday afternoon. The doctor said we are extremely lucky he had a flu shot (yes, he did!) because the kids who didn’t are barely able to sit up on the examining table. And this makes me glad that he and Lyle and I got flu shots. Matt? Not so much.

Wish us luck.


But listen, one of the most important things I wanted to say today must be said before I go to bed. (What? More important than her Word Cloud? How could it be?)

You may remember that back in October I wrote this post after going to a Chicago premiere viewing of the incredible documentary Autism: The Musical. A quote from that post somehow wound up on their website in the “reviews” section. And since I said this about it and it went onto their site, I am now automatically an expert on the movie. So listen to what I am telling you! (Bossy much?)

Autism: The Musical will premiere on HBO on Tuesday, March 25!

You need to see this movie. It does not matter whether your child has autism, or if you know a single child with autism. Because whatever you think you know about the highs and lows of life on the spectrum, you will find that a great deal – if not all – of what you “knew” has changed when it’s over. Out of my customary 5, I give it 5 stars and 4.5 teardrops. Seriously – have the tissues close at hand. You’ll thank me.

And here’s the cool part. If, like me, you don’t get cable, and if you are not lucky enough to have in-laws who have their TiVo scheduled to record it for you like I do, you still won’t miss it! It will be streamed live on the web the next day for you.

For more detailed information about Autism: The Musical, I would encourage you to visit the website or head over to Susan Etlinger’s recent post on BabyCenter.

And then go watch the movie, Wonderfriends.



4 responses to “Autism: The Musical – Coming to a TV Near You

  1. Poor Baxter … hope he feels better soon. SB has been home sick too, took him to the doctor today and yup, Influenza B.

    We just got HBO a couple of weeks ago (D.’s idea) so I’m looking forward to the 25th.

  2. kristenspina

    Feel better sweet Baxter! The flu? Yikes.

  3. I am marking the 25th down on my google calendar.

  4. I actually thought about the “actual flu” this past week, wondering if that was what I really have. (I didn’t get a flu shot this year, either–though both the girls did.) But it seems it has been just first a cold virus and then a very severe sinus infection. Guess that’s better than the flu!?

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