Musings on a Day at Home

The boys and I stayed home together today, giving Baxter another day of rest. The kiddos stayed in their pj’s all day, even when we walked the half block to 7-11 to pick up some eggs for the sugar “flu-kies” we made this afternoon. I am only dressed because I went to the gym early this morning, which was a bit rough after a poor night’s sleep. The kids’ve done very little this spring break week, aside from our Horton Hears a Who outing. In fact, I’ve done very little myself, or at least it feels that way, and I seem to be in a bit of a time warp. Life is strange when there’s no car pool, no nursery school, to give the week its familiar shape. Perhaps it’s simply this combination of factors, but I was feeling out of it this afternoon. Fatigued. And I seem to have a bit of a fever tonight. I have an unusually full day at work tomorrow (6 hour-long clients back-to-back without a break – yowza) and hope that I will wake up feeling well enough for it.

But before I turn in early, I have a few observations and photos from my day with the boys today:

1) When left to their own devices for more than 10 minutes, they were able to amuse themselves quite well. At one point, they played a game in which they took turns giving each other a good thwack on the rear end and then laughing uproariously (I tried to figure out how to phrase that to avoid showing up on the freakier Google searches). Next, they were happy to “spit” (more like raspberries) on a piece of construction paper, declare it “Disgusting!” and then pass it to the other brother. Which begs the question: what will the teenage years look like? And one of my favorite games is when Baxter randomly asks, “Lyle, what + what = what?” to which Lyle earnestly starts guessing numbers. “100, Baxter?” – “Nope.” – “17, Baxter?” – “No way, Lyle!” I love crazy sibling shit like that.

2) A highlight of my first use of the new Kitchen Aid mixer (which was mentioned in comments earlier today – it was fantastic!) was when I had my back turned and Lyle switched it on – with the mixing blade pointing up, full of the wet ingredients for cookie dough. One word: EVERYWHERE.

3) These boys are being ludicrously kind to each other these days. I think there was only one argument all day, and that was about whether there was enough natural light in the playroom to warrant turning the lights on. Lyle insisted it would be “wasting electricity” and Baxter turned the lights on anyway. High-pitched three-year old screaming ensued. But, really, if there’s going to be an argument, I’ll take that one.

3) As I mentioned earlier today, it is supposed to snow tonight, tomorrow, oh, and Saturday and Sunday a bit, too. I had to stop, mid-cookie baking, when I saw the sun hitting the tulips like this on our dining room table. I’m going to keep it in my pocket tomorrow to remind me that spring was once here for a short while and will be back.


12 responses to “Musings on a Day at Home

  1. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Aww, brotherly love in the form of smacking each other and making disgusting, wet paper. Those are some beautiful tulips, glad you stopped to capture them.

    You did two number 3’s – you must be tired!

  2. Ha! I meant to fix that, Lori! Oh, well…

  3. PJ-wearing cookie-baking days are the best!

    Love that picture of the tulips. Beautiful.

  4. can we trade days? never mind, i’ll just live vicariously through your awesome photos!

  5. I love reading about your boys’ antics.

    We stayed in our pjs all day too … sort of all week actually …. so I know what you mean about time seeming to stand still.

    And it goes without saying I love that photo of the tulips. Ours are starting to peek through the soil … can’t wait!

  6. Tulips – beautiful. Just what I needed on this icky, snowy morning. I thought at least the Noster would be excited about the snow, but whem I pointed it out to him early this morning, trying to model excitement, he growled at me, “I HATE the snow.” Hope you’re feeling better this morning, Jordan!

  7. You know it’s bad when even the 3-year olds are done with the snow! Cara, your comment was my first indication that it had started – I don’t think it was snowing yet when I first got up and looked outside. Blech!

    I am feeling better and am heading in to work. I feel tired, and this does concern me a bit given that fatigue was Baxter’s first symptom, but I’m okay to work. But get this, folks – it’s 7:45, the babysitter will be here in 15 minutes, and I’m the only one awake at my house! This is unheard of! Perhaps that’s because Baxter coughed half the night, keeping himself and his brother awake?

  8. such sweetness between the boys! and those tulips are so hopeful. i love spring flowers.

  9. Love pj days!!
    Beautiful flowers.

  10. Motherhood for Dummies

    Is it wrong that most days are PJ day to me. Well I should say that everyday is almosta pj day for me. I finally get myself ready and cleaned up around 1 or 2. But hey….at least I do it 🙂

  11. Um. . . that is still a White Hen Pantry, right?

  12. No sir, Mr. Wow. One day they took down the White Hen sign and put up the 7-11 sign. You might be amused to know that Baxter now refers to 7:11 on the clock as “White Hen” in its memory.

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