We Aren’t Going to Talk About This

I just saw snow in the forecast. Starting tonight, ending Saturday. Up to 8 inches.

I. am. not. amused.


11 responses to “We Aren’t Going to Talk About This

  1. Life As I Know It

    I am so so sorry for you.

    We’re getting rain and I’m hopeful it will melt some of the mounds of snow still on the ground.

  2. ROFLMAO!! er, um, sorry…couldn’t help myself! we’re getting rain.

  3. Flu and snow?! What is this, January?? I hope that Baxter is feeling better soon and that the snow melts as soon as it hits the ground.

  4. Yes, good point, Libby. FLU and SNOW. During Spring Break, no less! I just wonder what I’m going to do with the little tykes all day? Maybe we’ll finish Harry Potter. And make cookies with my new Kitchen Aid – now that’s a plan I can get excited about!

  5. We heard that weather report in the car this morning and Anya went, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    We are ready for spring too over at Chez Spanson.

    And Kitchen Aid! Whoo Hoo! Yay for you! I love my Kitchen Aid…its the best thing since sliced bread!

  6. Us too! It may keep us home for Easter after all. However, I am taking a lesson from my cheerful preschooler this morning, who, when she heard the forecast, said, “But snowstorms are so much fun!”

  7. Yes, the kids are psyched about snow. Me, not so much. I can’t believe I’ll have to shovel out the car for work again tomorrow. Ugh.

    Hooray for the Kitchen Aid, Becky! I mentioned that I would like one someday, and Matt’s mom produced a beautiful one that she had gotten as a gift a few years back and barely used! Happy Early Birthday to me! Now I just need to go figure out how to use it since I promised the boys we’d make cookies – cookies that we can’t share with anyone outside the family, since they’ll be “flu cookies” – or “flukies” as I will think of them!

  8. Flu…snow…what the heck?!? Oh well, enjoy the “flukies” today. Matt will NOT get sick and Baxter will feel better SOON. So there.

  9. kristenspina

    Cashmere and a Kitchenaid? You are a woman after my own heart. Now we have to get you on board with the Tassimo so that you can enjoy a lovely latte with those flu-kies.

  10. Lori at Spinning Yellow

    Kristen – the Tassimo, my husband is totally obsessed with getting one.

    Jordan – so sorry about the snow and the flu! It is Spring! Did someone miss the news?

  11. Obviously we are not the only ones with freaky weather… We had a week of January heat – I’ll trade you your 8 inches of snow for one of our days of heat and humidity. Deal? FedEx the snow this time though, becaouse the last shipment melted into a soggy mess 🙂

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