The Hunt

The melting snow drip drip dripped from every rooftop and awning so steadily that it was possible to believe it was raining when I was out on the sidewalks of this city early today. The shining sun and singing birds, the joggers and bike riders, reminded me that spring really is here, emerging again after the recent snowfall.

The boys rallied for the egg hunt this morning – you’d have never known how feverish Lyle was if not for the bright pink cheeks. And although Baxter ventured so far as to say, “I think there really might not be an Easter Bunny after all – I think you guys might put out all this candy,” he carefully avoided eye contact as he said it so I knew he didn’t really want me to agree. My answer (“All I know is that I never touched an egg or piece of candy last night and yet they’re all over the house this morning”) was the truth; Matt played Easter Bunny this year.

Here is a 5-minute video of the egg hunt highlights. It may not be interesting to anyone besides the grandparents, but if you’d like to hear me making a total dork of myself acting surprised about everything, you won’t be disappointed! We have watched last year’s video quite a few times, the kids and I, and we love it – especially Lyle’s adorable 2-year old ways and both kids looking so much smaller. Makes me wonder what next year’s vantage point will be.


2 responses to “The Hunt

  1. Well, I’m not their grandparent and I thought it was adorable. I loved hearing Lyle’s little “wr’s” (“Baxtewr”)…so darned cute!

    Love the two of them reading the book; Baxter helping Lyle find the eggs in the picture…cute.

    Happy Easter!

  2. What a wonderful video, you’re quite right, one would never guess that Lyle was suffering from the flu.

    The snow bunny below is a hoot!

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