More than Tomfoolery

With a 7-year old in the house, there was a certain amount of trickery, jokes, and general tomfoolery associated with this April Fool’s Day. It started with the tape carefully (and oh-so-obviously) placed across the kitchen faucet so that a “surprised” Daddy might shout out in apparent shock when his shirt sleeves got soaked. (But better was the way in which Baxter shot out of his breakfast chair like his ass was on fire when he realized it was happening.) Another high point was the fake book Baxter made and showed Matt, asking him to read it. The “book” was taped and stapled on all four sides – oh, you’d have had NO idea, Wonderfriends, looking at this thing, that it would be so very tricky! Matt and I later asked ourselves how these things go down in families with parents who have not had extensive theatrical experience.

I am sure that you were all aware that today was April Fool’s Day, of course, and if you were anywhere near a media source you might have also sensed that autism was in the air. That is because it is Autism Awareness Month, dear ones, and that means we are going to live, eat, and breathe autism in this country for the next 29 days. Which is fine by me. I’ll make an effort to talk a bit more about my work in its honor. I also agreed today to write a blurb to be submitted as an autism expert for media working on news stories including topics such as “research into new causes, and prevention and treatment of Autism” this month. I have no idea how these media things work and whether anyone is actually going to come to me for a quote, but you know me, I can always find something to say about autism. (Or anything else, come to think of it, but I doubt the media cares about my Panini press or how well my hand-washed cashmere sweater came out. Because, you know. That’s not related to autism. At all. And I do know that. I’m just sayin’.)


One response to “More than Tomfoolery

  1. Scott is so bad at pulling off jokes, but he did try. Like this: “Oh it’s April Fools, um, Dad?, my friends are all moving, every one of them, did you hear me? Oh, well, not that friend, exactly, um, no I’m not joking, I swear…” But, hey, he did try.

    Rock on with any thoughts you have on anything, Autism or otherwise, Jordan!

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