Baxter’s First Lit Crit

I just have to wonder if The Teacher was prepared for Baxter’s honest feedback on this particular literature assignment.    


12 responses to “Baxter’s First Lit Crit

  1. At least he’s not wishy-washy 🙂

    Why do I have the feeling I’m going to be seeing these same kinds of responses on one of SB’s papers sometime in the future?

  2. Wow. He really tells it like it is! I love it!

  3. Yeah, we’ve been there. First grade was hard, second grade even harder, third grade forget about it, but fourth grade, Halleluah!! We’ll be thinking of you.

  4. I applaud his honesty!!!

  5. The thing I especially love about this is that I’ve been trying to communicate to her that he’s telling us things are too easy. I definitely see that his reading books are too low, even in the advanced group. She is giving me some pat answers that just don’t apply to him in this case, and I’ve been frustrated. So it seems he’s taken matters in his own hands (not that he knows my concerns) and gave her his feedback directly; in the top portion of this form he noted that the book was too easy and he didn’t learn anything new. 😉 He also corrected every misspelling or typo on the entire form. Nice. It’s a damn good thing he’s not a snotty kid!!

  6. I love that kid. Thanks for the chuckle!

  7. Hilarious! Honesty and brevity, I love it! I can’t wait to hear what the teacher has to say in response.

  8. Dude. That says it all.
    As a teacher, those are the surveys that make you change your style.
    Real fast.
    I freakin’ love your kid.

  9. Oh, this is great 🙂
    Love the new digs.

  10. Fantastic. They say education is all about assessment these days, and boy howdy, B. can assess the hell out of an assignment.

  11. I do love this kid. What did the teacher say?

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