Turns Out New York is an Island

Today is Matt’s birthday.   And mine.

Yes, it’s true, my husband and I share a birthday, although not a birth year.

(All day long, the Cracker song, “Happy, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…and to you…” has been going through my head.)

We typically have more festive hoopla on our birthday, but today was a busy, chaotic day.  I was lucky enough to shop for a short while with a good friend this afternoon, and we ended the day with a family dinner out and a trip to Scooter’s frozen custard shop near our old house, a family favorite.  More good friends came along to celebrate with us.   Excellent.

But the real party will start rolling on Wednesday at noon, because that is when Matt and I fly to New York City for a vacation.  Yes!  Vacation.  Together.

We once had two nights in a row away from both kids, back in December, and it was a dream.  But never four nights.  In a faraway amazing city.  Where we have great longtime friends.  And where I’m going to meet two of my favorite people in the whole entire blogosphere for the first time on Saturday.   I can hardly stand it.

Matt and I have never taken a vacation together.  Never.  In almost 12 years of marriage.  Unless you count a 3-day camping trip in Santa Cruz approximately 9 years ago.  Which was wonderfully relaxing but not the same as 4 nights in New York City.  You see, we married early – at 23 and 25, when we were young and poor and racking up the grad school debt.  We had Baxter just a few years later, making vacation travel even less plausible – especially given our trips to visit family across the country.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to see a bit of the world during the 3 years when my parents lived in London, and Matt has spent time a lot of time abroad as well.  But we missed that window of travel opportunity I see so many couples enjoy when they have children later in life – when you’re working at a decent job and have no kids.   We skipped that stage entirely – the decent jobs came after the first child.

And so, although we still have no line in the budget for travel, we decided not to give a hoot anymore, and just go.  I have to admit that every time we talk about the trip we pepper the conversation with bits and pieces of the Parker Posey Libby Mae Brown gum-snapping monologue about New York in our favorite movie, Waiting for Guffman.  Things like, “Turns out, New York is an island” and “…maybe meet some guys, some Italian guys, watch TV and stuff…”.

So distracted by this sort of juvenile entertainment are we that we haven’t gotten too far in making actual plans; we assume that the spontaneity of the trip will be at least half its charm.


16 responses to “Turns Out New York is an Island

  1. Happy Bday!!!

  2. Wow! Happy double birthday! And happy vacation!!! Other than traveling to Korea to bring home our daughter, my husband and I have never spent a night without our kids since becoming parents…. I’m pretty jealous of you right now!

  3. Happy Birthday to you both and have a fabulous time in NYC! I’m terribly jealous, but look forward to your post about it!

  4. Happy Birthday times two!
    My eyeballs are popping out of my head. I am so excited for you! Any shows??? THE SHOPPING!!!
    I LOVE that Libby Mae Brown monologue – the BBQ of the chicken wing on the grill – the DQ – (LOVE that you know that movie so well!)
    Happiest of days to you, my friend –

  5. Yes, DM, I’m thinking – a show, great meals, shopping, walking around Central Park, exploring Brooklyn (we’re staying on Prospect Park), seeing friends, and a great museum. And a lot of gawking at the skyscrapers. Oh, and some sleep and then a lot of good coffee.

    Not necessarily in that order.

  6. Happy Birthday to both of you! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  7. Happy birthday, wonderwheels!!! I can’t wait to see you Saturday. I’ll be the one in the black cashmere sweater…

  8. No, Kristen – I’ll be the one in the black cashmere sweater! We’re gonna make Kyra barf. 😉

  9. Okay…I’ve always liked you (happy birthday, by the way). But now I’m so in love with you I can’t stand it. Waiting for Guffman is, hands down, my favorite movie of all-time. And to know that someone as cool as you likes it…well…I just can’t contain my happiness!

  10. Oh, my God, Miller, who are you?!

    And thanks!

  11. Happy belated birthday to BOTH of you! I am pea green with envy about your meeting up with K2 (that would be K-squared, for Kristen and Kyra)! If Niksdad didn’t have to work, I would hop in the car and drive up to crash the party! Sigh…

  12. NO FAIR. But seriously, happy birthday. What’s it like to have two Aries in the house?

  13. Niksmom, I so wish you could!

    Vicki, having two Aries and a Scorpio in the house has been perfectly uneventful, something that makes diehard astrologists scratch their heads in confusion.

  14. had to come out of my lurking status to wish you a happy bday – can’t beat ny for first getaway. next time you’re in the hood…call us – we’re always ready for a reason to head to scooter’s.

  15. Happy birthday!! I just went on a girl’s outing this past weekend, so I don’t think I could convince my husband that I must be in NYC on Saturday. A chance to meet you, Kyra and Kristen? Be still my heart. Have fun. I will be here, only a short drive away, feeling jealous. Sigh.

  16. Happy birthday, you guys! It’s funny – I know so many couples who have birthdays close to each other, but none on the same day!!

    Have a grand time in NY – I miss it already!!

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