NYC Travelogue: Folks & Fun

I just have to combine Folks & Fun here because, to me, they are one and the same most of the time.  We did a lot of great stuff on this trip (in addition to all that great food!) and I’ll give you a few highlights.

Central Park. On a sunny, mid-70s day, I can think of nothing more lovely than a walk through New York’s Central Park.  Everything was beginning to bloom, the lawns were full of people, and the horse-drawn carriages were clip-clopping by at a happy pace.  We spent about three hours in the Park one afternoon and had the sunburns to prove it.  (Oops.)  We eventually plopped down on the grass in Sheep Meadow with lemonades and relaxed for a while.  Here is my Central Park photoset.  (And if you are interested, my Manhattan photoset is here.)

Prospect Park.  This huge, beautiful park in Brooklyn is just gorgeous.  Its kid-filled hills reminded us of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, especially the evening we traversed it in the fog to see a friend who lives on the opposite side from our B & B.  On Thursday we spent a couple of hours with some good, old friends and their adorable children in Prospect Park; you’ll find my photoset of the park here and of the adorable children here.  I  mean, seriously, aren’t these kids gorgeous?

Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I have vague childhood memories of happy trips to this museum  and then going home to plaster my Laura Ashley-covered bedroom walls with small prints of my favorite works of art, primarily by the Impressionists.  Every single one of those prints was still available in the gift shop, allowing me a peek into my adolescent bedroom that was a bit shocking.  (I had so many!  Were they all up at once?  Could I even see the little purple flowers on the wallpaper once I had posted them all?)  Of course, the museum is as impressive as it is expansive and overwhelming – in our three hours there we barely scratched the surface and our feet were in agony from all the walking of the first days in New York.  But the Jasper Johns special exhibit was worth the price of admission in and of itself.  Totally amazing.  We rented the audio tour headsets, which I strongly recommend.  I learned a ton, and felt my mind open in a way I have not experienced in ages.  I was moved to take notes as new thoughts came to me, and I’m sure I’ll refer to this exhibit in future writing.

Meeting Kristen and Kyra.  Some of you have heard enough about this already, I’m sure: Kristen wrote about it here and Kyra here.  But for those of you who haven’t – it was fabulous.  The three of us talked as if we’d known each other for years, and tried to fill in the gaps in what we knew from reading each other’s blogs.  My prediction about this gathering proved to be accurate; I was certain that I really knew what each of these women was like before meeting them.  There are some writers whose voices are so pure and real that you are left with no doubt of their actual personalities, and that’s a quality I love in both Kyra and Kristen’s writing. They were exactly who I expected them to be, and the opportunity to see each of them in “real life” was a huge treat.  Thanks for coming into the city, both of you.

Here we are, in all our Blue Ribbon Bakery glory.  Ain’t we got fun?

(Kristen, Kyra, Jordan)


3 responses to “NYC Travelogue: Folks & Fun

  1. Sounds like a great time. In fact, I’m so jealous that now I must leave and never return.

    Seriously, thanks for blogging NYC for us. We haven’t been there since TH was in utero, and this is fun reading.

  2. WE ARE ADORABLE!!!! i feel the same way about you and your ‘voice’, your writing and your in-person both. so very real and lively and genuine! it was delightful and refreshingly easy to spend that lunch with both of you. xxxx

  3. How wonderful you got to meet up with some other bloggers! It sounds like you had a great trip!

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