Materialistic Monday: In Which I Assimilate

“Well, that’s it, then,” he said.  “You’re fully assimilated now.”

I looked at Matt.  Then I looked back at the 9-piece Pyrex Portables set I had just brought home from Target.  I laughed and said,  “You’re right.”

When I was purchasing this fantastic creation, I was thinking, “So this is what happens when you join a church. It’s one of the hidden costs no one tells you about.  You end up buying a crazy contraption like this!”

I’ve always made meals for friends when their babies were born, but in the past few years the births have slowed down among my friends and my give-away cooking for has decreased.  Joining our church, however, has driven the rate right back up.  I agreed at some point to be on a list of people willing to bring meals to members who are ill or newly home with babies or recovering from hospitalization.  It’s not a constant request – there must be enough of us on that list of willing parties – but we have cooked and delivered meals quite a few times this year.  We are also transporting lots more meals to family events than ever before, living near Matt’s family.

More than once I’ve pulled a hot casserole out of the oven at 5 pm only to hand the glass dish to Matt to take out into below zero temperatures to deliver across town.   But recently I discovered a good solution – the Pyrex Portables line.  I just bought one and I have to say, it’s a design wonder.  The nice padded insulated carry bag with comfy handles contains a double-decker storage area.  One level can hold two side-by-side 6 cup rectangular dishes with snap tops (perfect for side dishes), and the other a large covered 9×13 dish.  There are two large hot/cold packs as well.  I’m in heaven!

I was feeling pretty Midwestern when we started going to church in the first place. (San Francisco is one of the cities with the least number of people attending church in the nation – I believe that (only?) Seattle has it beat.) Delivering food to people we’d never met – even more so.  But buying a special insulated bag to deliver the food in any weather?   Well, Matt’s right, I think.

The assimilation is complete.


8 responses to “Materialistic Monday: In Which I Assimilate

  1. I knew I had been fully assimilated yesterday when I was (1) decoupaging yet another lap/TV tray with a bunch of pictures of the children from TH’s class for (2) the class art project for (3) the art auction for the school’s fundraising carnival for which I’m also (4) working the Wheel of Fortune Booth, and (5) I used our church bulletin to spread the varnish. Yep, I’m in.

  2. Wow. You drank the Kool Aid.
    It does look cool, though.
    Have any good “Hot Dish” recipes? You know, the ones with Tater Tots on the top? They’ve always fascinated me.

  3. Sweet! 🙂 I love, too, and welcome to the Midwest, by the way, eh?

  4. So what time is my casserole arriving? Just kidding!

  5. Yeah, this is the sort of thing that is big here in Mayberry. Lots of cooking for other families. So far, I have not drunk the kool aid. But it’s inevitable. You know that.

  6. I have been giggling all day about the “you drank the kool aid” comment from drama mama.

    I did.

    I totally drank the kool aid.

    Shoot me now.

  7. I think the Mid-West version of drinking the Kool-Aid is embracing the Cream of Mushroom Soup. To aid you in that, I submit the following:

    Tater Tot Casserole
    1lb hamburger
    Cream of Mushroom soup
    1 bag Tater Tots

    Brown hamburger. Put in pyrex casserole dish. Cover with soup, sprinkle with cheese and top with Tater Tots. Bake until it seems done.
    If you’re feeling fancy, substitute Cheez (-Whiz, Velveeta) for the actual cheese. It doesn’t change the taste much, but does contribute to the sense of shame that comes along with eating and actually enjoying this concoction!

  8. Whoa. Thanks, Kelley!! That is a FANTASTIC recipe!!!

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