I’m a Credit to My Race

Since you already know that

a) I am Caucasian


b) I am SUCH a dork,

then you know the only two things necessary to identify me in the photo below:


Nursery School

Hartford, Connecticut


I. Am. So. Proud.


16 responses to “I’m a Credit to My Race

  1. Actually, that looks exactly like you! Adorable!

  2. adorable!!!!!

  3. You need my button! You know the one – the I heart Being Black one!

    And Kristen is right – you look exactly the same; freaking cute as hell!

  4. drama mama, i TOLD you i’d wear that button! that’s what made me think of this picture!

    i’m also very amused that you all seem to think i look the same as i did when i was four years old. i’m gonna have to look into getting one of those yellow dresses with white tights and some mary janes. (not to mention the mickey mouse purse. let’s not forget that.) then i can get my mom’s friend to cut my hair, and i’ll be good to go.

  5. Holy awesome picture, Batman. I love how the little girl way over on the left hand side in the second row looks like she’s giving you the stink eye.

  6. I had to go back and look at the picture, and you have the purse under your chin!!!! Dork!!! 🙂 (You know I mean that in the nicest way, from one dork to another.)

  7. Why are you wearing my clothes?

  8. Oh my God, Squab, I NEVER noticed that girl, but that’s hilarious! I deserved the stink eye, I’m sure. And yes, Cara, I had the purse under my chin!

    I mean, really. I did the honkies proud for a number of years there.

    I like to wonder what my classmates think now when they look back at that photo!

  9. Your haircut is most definitely the same. Great pic!

  10. That is one funny photo! You are hilarious, Jordan.

  11. GREAT photo!

    It’s the dress I love the best though.

  12. Oh my gosh! You DO have a purse under your chin!!! LOL!
    Great picture!

  13. Bwahahahahahaha! OMG, this could have been me! Except for the purse under the chin… 😉

  14. Ok, I KNOW I’m nearsighted, but all I could think was…is that a BOW under her chin? Thanks to your more observant readers for clarifying. And I have to agree…you do look totally recognizable.

    Awesome pic.

  15. This is the coolest pic ever. So cute in your yellow dress! love!

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